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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

(For Non Muslims Only) : Preparing your own Funeral - By Siti Kassim


*Preparing your own Funeral* by Siti Kassim

(Disclaimer by OSTB: There are some slight re-naming of characters and slight change of words. I prefer 'jihadi'. I know Siti well but these are entirely Siti Kassim's own thoughts here. Siti makes relevant observations.)

*Lawyer-activist Siti Kasim is correct to call voters to reject Panglima Pintu Belakang*

Pintu Belakang is no angel and some of his recent utterings becomes worrisome for many of us looking forward to a New Malaysia. 

His previous track record too when he was a BN minister & DPM isn't exactly brilliant and had in fact, contributed to the many disasters we see in our poor education system today. 

Apart from this, Pintu Belakang has always been pro UMNO, so when he becomes PM be assured many UMNO morons will be back in action.

To me a leopard cannot change its spots. Same with Pintu Belakang. I'm apolitical but I do not support Mahathir and his government. 

When Pintu Belakang was the Education Minister in the late 80s it was he that started the pro-jihadi movements in Universities that trickled down to the schools. 

The jihadi radicalization of the Malays was the brain child of Pintu Belakang

The removal of the crucifixes in Mission Schools and school badges, the replacing of nuns and brothers in mission schools, the  conversion of  Mission Schools to national type schools, the acquisition of church lands, were some of his agendas, the starting of pro-jihadi ideology and te____ism in UiTM also started with Pintu Belakang.

The removal of scattered Hindu temples (Kg Rawa in Penang case) and the introduction of headscarf in schools, Government departments stopping services during Azan and discrimination against non Muslim public servants were some of his doings.

Now ask yourself this question - can a leopard change its spots. Do you think this man will be an honest and trustworthy PM. 

East Malaysian have already rejected Pintu Belakang when the question was asked, "Why did you give the go-ahead to remove our crucifixes from our Mission Schools and school badges. Pintu Belakang could not answer. 

His fanatic actions of yesterday speaks for itself today. Pintu Belakang was power crazy then. What makes you think he has changed? Think again people - a leopard cannot change its spots.

VERDICT: *Pintu Belakang should never become PM of Malaysia. He'll be a disaster to this country. So if you're a non-muslim and you vote for him it is just like preparing for your own funeral..*  

My comments : Thank you Siti. I shared this with another friend who replied as follows:

"I second Siti Kassim but not for her jeremiad (long list of complaints). Pintu Belakang is the ultimate tin kosong, loud but insubstantive.  Knows which philosopher to quote (even then with tons of help from Kh---d J----r, his former press sec and the real intellectual brain, who has also abandoned the Pintu Belakang  bandwagon).   - I suspect Pintu Belakang is also incompetent, so becoming PM is an obsession, not a responsibility.

I agree that Pintu Belakang has always been intellectually challenged.  Throughout his 40 years running in the streets he has never articulated exactly what are his plans and policies for the country? He has no vision or ideas. 

His overdependence on his Arab mentors places the country at some risk. The Chinese in this country do not see that part of the equation too well.  Have you forgotten that picture - taken during the Pakatan Harapan's 22 months in power - where some of his Arab friends were invited to Parliament? Those Arab friends are members of an international jihadi outfit which has been declared a "terrorist organisation" by quite a few countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and some European countries.

I have made this observation before that almost all his stalwart supporters from over 20 years ago have abandoned him.  In that short comment above my friend says that Kh---d J----r  has also abandoned him. 

Sadly there are some Chinese and other non Malays who still think that Pintu Belakang can be PM. This includes the DAP. This is a big mistake.

For the DAP this is a big mistake and let me advise the DAP how to "test the market". Do a survey on Pintu Belakang's popularity among Malay voters alone. He does not carry the support of the Malays anymore.  Meaning Malays who may otherwise vote for the DAP may change their minds if the DAP hooks up with Pintu Belakang. Big mistake. 

The DAP folks are really wasting their opportunities by not developing or establishing ties with more viable candidates. You will not get the same opportunities again.

Sadly there is such a huge dearth of intellect and talent among the present crop of politicians.  At times like this we have no choice but to place our trust in democracy. So long as we have free elections (which we have had for a very long time - otherwise the BN would not have been defeated) the people will sort themselves out. The question is how much longer will it take?  In "Malaysia Boleh" the Dodo Bird is being resilient. The Dodo refuses to become extinct here.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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