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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Saudara Black Democracy - Lebih Mudah Panggil 112 Ahli Parlimen Angkat Tangan. Game Over. Buat Cara Demokrasi.


  • Johor Bahru: Polis Johor akan terus tangkap individu yang berkumpul esok
  • Ketua Polis Johor Ayob Khan kata tiada amaran, polis akan terus tangkap
  • Sesiapa berkumpul esok, kita akan terus tangkap, baik duduk rumah.
  • Ayob Khan ulas video Anonymous ajak orang berhimpun bantah PKP 


Without a doubt the pandemic can be managed in a much, much better and honest manner. There is no doubt about that.

There is less doubt that the present Government (aka Kerajaan gagal) does not have a majority, no matter how slim, to remain in power. 

But the two are not related. Even if the government changes tomorrow what makes you think the pandemic will be handled any differently? The same monkeys will be jumping from different banana trees. That is all.  

Be careful what you wish for. 

Jangan lupa, despite their slim majority in Parliament, last October (2020) the Budget 2021 was STILL approved.  (Even I was surprised - I thought they could topple the government. But it did not happen). So how do you explain that? Frogs do not eat kangkung. 

And according to Nazri Aziz, the Umno president Zahid Hamidi still accepted the Government's peruntukan of RM3.8 million for his Parliamentary constituency in Perak. Despite threatening to pull out, stick it in etc.

So please check if indeed the Government has lost its slim majority in Parliament.  Whether you like it or not is besides the point. Check the facts first. 

No matter how much you like it or dont like it, we must accept the rule of Law.

Here is another example. The YDP Agong has agreed and signed a Proclamation of Emergency that will end on 8th August, 2021. That is now 40 days away.

So what is the point of agitating that the Agong must convene Parliament when the YDP Agong has signed the Emergency until 8th August 2021? 

Isnt that disrespectful of the YDP Agong? Macam tak hormat tanda tangan YDP Agong.

Now - when it comes to AFTER 8th August 2021 that is another story. 

Will the Government seek to extend the Emergency after 8th August 2021? We dont know. So why speculate?

Even if the Government seeks to extend the Emergency beyond Aug 8th, 2021 the YDP Agong must agree and sign again. 

Whether the YDP Agong does agree / does not agree to sign will not be known until 8th August, 2021. 

It is not 8th August 2021 yet. What is the point of agitating now?

Saudara Black Democracy, you claim to obey the Law.  So please obey the law.  

Instead of asking people to 'berkumpul' here and there (and if they get arrested will you pay their bail money? Will you pay their compound fines? Will you pay their legal fees? I dont think so - because you are ANONYMOUS !!) may I suggest that you ask 112 Ahli Parlimen to angkat tangan? 

That will be so much more easier, less effort and efficient. If you can get 112 MPs to angkat tangan against the Government then it is game over for the PN Government.  

There are other people who want to see real chaos in the country. The Court Cluster, the good-for-nothings, the perpetual losers etc are all hoping to create chaos in the country.  Dont be fooled. 

You want to get rid of the government then you vote against them - just like everyone else.  Obey the Law.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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