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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Menuju Ke Arah Failed State : "Ana Khairun Minhum"

 This is the latest news about the umat moron-land.  This time there is blatant racism even in the giving of food aid. Here is the news from FMT :

  • Food aid regardless of race, ethnicity, Johor's Sultan Ibrahim said today.
  • in response to video of grocery shop in Skudai discriminate against certain race
  • Do not discriminate along ethnic lines Sultan Ibrahim said in a Facebook post.
  • Issues of race or religion should never arise
  • shop has since removed the offending sign and apologised

I received the same picture via Whatsapp yesterday. Here is the WhatsApp picture. The "certain race" is Indian. It says  "India tidak dibenarkan ambil bantuan buat sementara".


OSTB : Sepatutnya dia kena sambung sikit, "Tetapi kalau India atau Cina tanam pokok durian kami akan ambil atau tebang ikut suka hati".  Baru ceritanya akan complete.  This is just silly racism.  

We must appreciate HRH The Sultan of Johor for speaking up against this type of silly racism. I am sure others will retaliate. Or at the very least bear grudges. That is what racist behaviour does. It creates trouble in the land.

However this is not the first time that the Sultan of Johor has had to speak up against racism in his State. Remember the 'Muslim only' laundromat matter?

Obviously all is not right in the State of Johor.  The Sultan himself has spoken up about the arabisation of his State where people have even started using arabic phrases which he says he never heard when he was growing up.  I think what he meant was that the people are not the same as they were before.

Here is another picture I received via WhatsApp. I dont think this is from Johor but it is equally nasty :

Muslim sahaja? Habis kalau bukan Islam lapar 

atau haus macam mana? Suruh depa pi mampos ke?

I blame all this on the intense religious influence on people, especially in the schools and through the religious preachers which has now (obviously) influenced the fringe elements as well.  

And since in Malaysia the four distinct racial groups are also "largely" identifiable by religion (Malays = Muslim,  Indians = Hindus, Chinese = Buddhists/Taoists, Iban/Kadazan = Christian) religious  and racial prejudices walk hand in hand.

Instead of enjoying the fantastic diversity (and the fantastic foods they all serve) semi literate cebuk-dalam-sungai type bigots put up their little hand written signs.

The same thing happened in Kedah the other day when the two Indian fellows recorded a phone call they made to the Pas government run food Helpline.  Clearly the girl who answered the phone did not want to help the Indians with food aid. Which was really shocking to me. 

But this type of open prejudice and/or racism is not new in Malaysia. Do you recall this :


By the way, what happened to that BMF campaign? "First" sudah jadi last ke? Tak cukup tenaga batin to sustain the e*ection ke? Real clowns.

I am glad that HRH the Sultan of Johor spoke up against this type of prejudice. But it looks like it takes a full fledged Sultan to speak up against religious and racial prejudice. What about the rest of the folks? 

Ok lah we cannot expect the everyday, ordinary people to have better social etiquette but what about orang yang sudah tahu baca dan menulis, the State leaders, the politicians, the orang ternama and people like that?  Do you also need to attend another Kongres to understand what exactly is maruah?  

HRH the Sultan has clearly shown the right conduct. Daulat Tuanku. Please try to emulate the Sultan. 

Sila perhatikan Surah 74: 35 - 44

[35]  Sesungguhnya neraka Saqar itu adalah salah satu (malapetaka) yang amat besar,

[36] Yang menjadi amaran bagi umat manusia,

[37]  (Iaitu) bagi sesiapa di antara kamu yang mahu maju atau yang mahu mundur.

[38] Tiap-tiap diri terikat, tidak terlepas daripada (balasan) apa yang dikerjakannya,

[39] Kecuali puak Kanan,

[40]  di dalam Jannah (yang penuh nikmat), mereka bertanya-tanya,

[41]  Tentang orang-orang yang bersalah,

[42] "Apakah yang menyebabkan kamu masuk ke dalam (neraka) Saqar?"

[43] Orang-orang yang bersalah itu menjawab: "Kami tidak termasuk dalam orang yang mengerjakan solat;

[44] "Dan kami tidak pernah memberi makan kepada orang-orang miskin;

Al Quran tak kata beri makan hanya kepada orang miskin se-agama kau atau se-bangsa kau. Orang miskin maksudnya orang miskin lah. 

In the story of the creation of mankind in the Quran, the Iblees (in the same Club of Doom as Satan) refuses to acknowledge the human creation.  He says simply :

Surah 38:76 

"Qaala ana khayrun minhum" which means 'He (Iblees) said, I am BETTER than him'.

This is the whole problem. People walk around thinking that they are better than others on account of their religion, the colour of their skin, their race, their language, their ancestry etc. 

So now to conclude today's walkabout I want to ask the Muslims a question.

For the Muslims - it is bad if you are called a satan or  syaitan. Or an Iblis. To our understanding both Syaitan and Iblis are adik beradik.  

In the Quran the Iblis was condemned exactly for this reason - he was arrogant. 

The Quran asks "Astakbarta" = apakah kamu menyombongkan diri? Are you arrogant?

So if it was arrogance for the Iblis to say 'Ana khayrun minhu' how does it become ok for you to say the same thing ? Ana khayrun min hu - I am better than him. 

If even the Iblis should not say such things, how can you also say such things? 

Are you even higher than the Iblis?  

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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