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Monday, July 26, 2021

PJ Civic Center's Walk-In Covid Vaccination.


OSTB :  Folks I received the following via WhatsApp from an old friend. Here is his message:

"I’ve just recd this from a WhatsApp Group 

« Please be informed that PJ Civic Centre is serving Pfizer vaccine.

Also for today only (26 July 2021?) they are accommodating the 55 - 60 year age group who do not have prefixed vaccine dates under MySejahtera.

Walk in vaccines for Senior citizens on the other hand are available daily from 9am to 8pm with / without MySejahtera registration. 

Please pass the word out. Thanks »"

OSTB :  I really hope this news is true.  (If not, well oops !!)

We really, really need more of these walk-in vaccination centers FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT MYSEJAHTERA APPOINTMENTS. 

If we go by MySejahtera appointments alone we are never going to get to that 80% herd immunity level. 

Thank you and Congratulations to whoever is in charge at the PJ Civic Center PPV. 

It can be done. Get more PPVs to go fully walk-in, with or without MySejahtera appointments.

Recall what I said earlier : What is the Government's back up plan or Plan B or Option B if the MySejahtera registration does NOT reach 80%?  We will not be able to achieve 80% herd immunity.  I think the government does NOT really have a Plan B or Option B. 

Just convert all PPVs to fully walk-ins, regardless of MySejahtera. It can be done and it has been done. 

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