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Monday, July 26, 2021

Unfazed by 'intimidation', #Lawan protest to proceed on July 31


Organisers of the black flag #Lawan protest have announced that a gathering at Dataran Merdeka on Saturday (July 31) will proceed with the primary demand calling for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's resignation.

Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat (SSR) said in a statement said that they remained unfazed by alleged police intimidation through probes launched following their black flag convoy last Saturday at selected locations nationwide.

They said 23 youths were summoned for questioning over the weekend in connection with the convoy and many more were expected to follow, describing the process as attempted intimidation by the authorities.

"SSR will not be fazed by the authorities' intimidation tactics and we would like to call upon all Malaysians, particularly those in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, to come down to Dataran Merdeka on July 31, 11am," SSR said.

"Our demands remain the same. The (cumulative) cases have reached one million.

"This clearly shows that Muhyiddin's administration is no longer relevant to lead Malaysia out of the Covid-19 pandemic and political instability. Resign!" they stressed.

SSR's two other demands included a full reopening of Parliament, as well as a full loan moratorium for all Malaysians.

Malaysiakini was made to understand that the group does not consider the current moratorium a proper moratorium, as interest is accrued throughout the loan deferment period.

Taking into account the high number of daily Covid-19 cases, the group also urged caution among supporters who wished to join.

On July 17, SSR first took to Dataran Merdeka with a flashmob of about 20 people that saw 14 black flags and effigies of five "dead bodies" wrapped in white shrouds laid out on the field, representing public anger and deaths linked to Covid-19, including suicides.  - Mkini

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