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Monday, May 30, 2022

Many reasons why people visit Gunung Jerai well, says MB


A still from a video clip on social media which has sparked complaints of alleged “superstitious practices” at Gunung Jerai. (Facebook pic)

SIK: The Kedah state government will not make an immediate ruling on complaints of “superstitious practices” at a well on Gunung Jerai but will hand the matter to the state religious affairs department, menteri besar Sanusi Md Nor said today.

He said the department would investigate whether there were superstitious practices taking place at the mountain, a popular spot for visitors and hikers, Bernama reported.

A one-minute video has been widely shared on social media which shows visitors bathing and performing ablution at Telaga Tok Syeikh before going up the mountain to perform the next ritual.

However, Sanusi said activities that were against Islamic law did not take place only atop Gunung Jerai. There were more “evils” that took place “below”.

He said the state government did not want to arbitrarily make a ruling that the practice of bathing at Telaga Tok Syeikh was a superstitious practice.

He said it would depend on one’s intentions in doing so, the Bernama report said.

“Some people go up to (the well) to meditate, some people for recreation, some people think that the water from this well can make medicine…so I leave it to the authorities to investigate things like this,” he told reporters after attending an Aidilfitri event here today.

Repairs on pipeline postponed

He said repair work on a leaking subsea water pipeline to Langkawi had been postponed until an audit of the pipeline’s integrity was completed.

“If we do not conduct an integrity audit on the pipeline, there is a risk that strong water pressure will cause new leaks on the pipeline,” he said.

“Otherwise we will be wasting RM50 million to repair the 23 existing holes along the pipeline,” he said. - FMT

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