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Friday, December 30, 2022

School bus group explains monthly fare reaching RM300 next year


School bus fares in some places had to be increased following a rise in operating costs, said the Malaysian School Bus Association (GPBSM).

GPBSM president Mohd Rofik Mohd Yusof said the factors included lower demand from parents, the increase in the cost of vehicle spare parts, and bus driver salaries.

However, he said, circumstances vary according to location.

“If there is a housing estate, in which there are only five people who want to use the service, how can the driver have a fare in the range of RM70 to RM150?

“His cost outweighs the return. He has to be guided by the number of students and the distance to the school.

“If you bring two or three people, you cannot cover the operating costs,” he explained to Malaysiakini.

Malay news outlet Kosmo! today reported an increase in school bus fares of up to RM300 a month in Penang, resulting in complaints from parents.

Some described it as excessive, saying drivers were trying to take advantage at a time when the cost of living has increased.

Mohd Rofik said the salary of a bus driver must be paid every month even during school holidays.

“The school bus operator only earns 11 months a year while he pays the driver’s salary for a whole year.

“He has to pay tax and insurance for a year but his income is less than a year,” he explained.

Commenting on the parents’ complaints, he said, “Business owners can’t force parents to pay high fees, parents can’t force business owners to provide services at no cost.” - Mkini

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