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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Welfare of Malaysians is top priority, says PM Anwar in New Year message


PETALING JAYA: The people’s welfare will be the top priority as the government looks to ensure all Malaysians are treated equally and justly regardless of race and religion, says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his New Year’s Day message.

In a speech at the Putrajaya Mosque after the special prayers to usher in 2023, the Prime Minister called for a better understanding of the concept of “a paradigm shift” to ensure policies were made with the masses in mind.

He said that the paradigm shift must not only be in the mindset of those who govern, but also in the policies of development on the ground.

Earlier, Anwar joined members of the Cabinet and the public at the Putrajaya mosque in a special prayer session to pray for the wellbeing of Malaysia.

The Prime Minister also warned that he would not give in to those who have embezzled the riches during their time in high offices and that the money will be returned to the people.

“The paradigm shift is a slogan that sounds good but it must be also good in its practice.

“Should we have mega projects but not be bothered about the people?

“We must not develop and yet destroy at the same time. The profits from the giant companies are big but the pay for the workers is still low.

"As we live with our faiths and morals, the job opportunities which we create must not make those who are employed lower themselves as human beings.

“When I met the Kuala Lumpur City Council officers recently, I pointed out that the city stalls are still left in the 1960s whereas the buildings are already in the 2020s.

“The paradigm must be shifted along with the welfare of the masses,” said Anwar, who cited that these are in line with Quranic teachings.

He also called for democratic accountability whereby one must be responsible for the way they act despite the freedom they have to do so.

He also warned those in the government and in authority not to continue with their negligent attitude.

“I will not tolerate those who are negligent and then tamper and destroy. This small group must be wiped out. I hope they will repent,” said Anwar who did not mention who they were exactly.

Anwar called out to those he claimed had pocketed wealth while they were in office, saying that although this was in the past, he was not going to let them walk free.

“This is a country with laws. Do not waste, we will monitor the government-linked companies and watch their expenditure.

“To those who used to be finance ministers and prime ministers, this government will ensure what has been taken in billions will be returned to the people.

“Some say I should move on and let the past be the past.

“If it affects me personally, I can forgive. But if it affected the people, then I will not forgive.

“They (who took) claimed they were clean.

“There are still among the rakyat who earns RM40 a day but then there were those among those takers who took RM4 mil (a day),” said Anwar.

He also urged everyone to come together and stop the politics post-general election, as the health and economic issues will continue to engulf Malaysia in the new year.

“The focus is to increase efforts to ensure there is confidence by foreign direct investors, better governance which is free from corruption and abuse of power,” said Anwar.

He said that in 2023, investors from all parts of the world will be visiting Malaysia to see for themselves if it is worth investing in.

“This is needed as Malaysia is a trading country. Our economic growth is due to domestic and foreign trade.

“With better governance, we can give the guarantee that Malaysia is not a country where the political leaders take the riches for themselves but use it to drive growth for the people,” said Anwar.

He further urged Malaysians to do away with narrow-mindedness when it comes to understanding religions.

“Muslims should consider Muslims as brothers in religion, whereas Muslims should regard non-Muslims as their brothers in humanity,” said Anwar, calling on everyone to live in harmony regardless of race, religion or culture. - Star

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