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Monday, March 21, 2011

Malaysia's latest sex scandal: Who is Datuk T and what is his game?

Malaysia's latest sex scandal: Who is Datuk T and what is his game?

Malaysia is really being dragged through the mud. First, the international submarines corruption and Altantuya Shaariibuu sex-and-murder scandal involving Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor.

Then the second batch of sodomy charges that they were again alleged to be involved in to topple their arch rival, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. Indeed, for a while, Malaysia became an international laughing stock after semen and multiple DNA was incredulously found all over the complainant's anus and pants.

But the worst yet may be today's latest 'sex scandal' - again targetting Anwar. To pundits and concerned civil society members, it looks like Malaysia's first couple's dubious 'culture' is starting to rub off on others. Political opportunists and copy-cats now think it is a complex game that can be waged with impunity or waved away with expensive public relations.

On Monday, a man with his face half covered and calling himself 'Datuk T' could actually startle the nation with a 21-minute sex video that showed a man looking like Anwar romping in various positions with a female prostitute of East Asian descent.

"This is what we have degenerated into. Imagine a man with his face half covered can actually summon the top journalists in town to watch a sex movie for the purpose of smearing Anwar. How powerful is this man, who is he working for?" PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli told Malaysia Chronicle

Very well organized

Indeed the hoopla was made possible by a co-operative mainstream media, owned and controlled by Umno and BN parties. They helped stir the news, when conservative agencies would scorn such a dubious source.

Sources told Malaysia Chronicle that all who attended the presser at the swanky Carcosa Negara were not allowed to take any belongings into the conference room. They were also made to wear white robes.

"It was very well organized. I can tell you we won't be surprised if people with Special Branch background are behind this. It was ship-shape and batches of people were being moved in and out according to time tables," a reporter who attended told Malaysia Chronicle.

The first part of the tape showed a man looking like Anwar, the woman and another unidentified man sitting in a hotel room. The next part, which showed the graphic sex acts, lasted 17 minutes.

It showed the man receiving oral sex from the woman and then having sexual intercourse with her in several positions. When he went to the bathroom, the woman ransackedhis belongings and retrieved a watch.

Datuk T told the press that it was an Omega watch. He even held it up for them to see, saying that his accomplices had taken it from the woman. He also said 4 hidden CCTV cameras were found.

No explanation was given as to how his 'accomplices' knew about the woman having the watch or what and why they were doing in the hotel. His accomplices also declined to identify themselves.

Datuk T also demanded that the 'politician' and his wife resign.

“We don’t want to involve the government in any of this. If he and his wife do not resign, then we will call for an independent panel of NGOs to conduct a forensic investigation into the video,” Malaysian Insider reported Datuk T as saying. - Malaysia Chronicle

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