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Monday, November 14, 2011

Private Jet of Defense Minister, Dato Sri Zahid Hamidi

By Touch Down

I found out recently that Dato Sri Zahid Hamidi, Minister of Defence Malaysia went on pilgrimage on board a private jet. His wife came to Medina earlier on her own, but he boarded a private jet and then on to Jeddah to Mecca.

This private jet owners who, if his friends; with a view to what is given to use this private jet. Did his friends have an interest in the Ministry of Defence? If he uses his own money to rent the jet, from which he could so much money?

To the knowledge of all, every time he went to Saudi Arabia with his family and his companions, from the Pilgrims Fund is used to his vehicle while there, when he was no longer Minister of Hajj? Sometimes some cars used to transport goods and transportation with his close friend while there. The vehicle used is from the Pilgrims Fund Board in which they are used for personal use. The vehicle is purchased with the money of depositors, and they blame the Pilgrims Fund.

He regularly to Saudi Arabia in every year, especially every month of Ramadan with the same partner he is Lord Sheikh Rozi. Does he or Umrah trip incurred by these partners? If he does not admit his friend Sheikh Rozi, why during the Commissioner to award degrees by the Highness Sheikh Sultan Rozi recently ni, Datuk Zahid was the same in the Kelantan Palace? This year Ramadan Umrah he came with a private jet which he has by the dealer from Sarawak (a Tan Sri) with Mr. Sheikh Rozi, too.

People hope that anyone in government who abuse the power and importance of private business to stop doing so.

Translated, original text in Malay READ : http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/letterssurat/44952-jet-peribadi-menteri-pertahanan


  1. If your command of the English language is poor, I advise that you should write your comments or blogs in a language you have a firm grip of. I couldn't understand half of the sentences you were writing. Some sentences didn't even make any sense.

    First of all, let me just say that I don't support any political parties or factions. Politics in Malaysia are all about "character assassination" and not focused on the needs of the public. More are seen done by the opposition parties. I believe it's only natural.

    Which brings me to this particular blog. What did the Defense Minister or the people mentioned here do to the writer that warrant such comments? Is he a defense contractor who did not get a favorable decision when participating in a tender issued by the Ministry of Defense? Does he know the Defense Minister well enough that permits him to write all these allegations about him? Does he actually know what Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi did before he became a civil servant? Doesn't he know that Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi was a millionaire before he joined politics full time? I think and believe he could afford to rent a private jet if he wanted to. He did answer by saying that he was hitching a ride on a friend's private jet when offered. If I was offered and pray that someday I would be, I would definitely jump at the opportunity. I think you would do the same. Especially when it is to perform an ibadah. He wasn't going to London or New york for a vacation. He was performing his "Hajj".

    This particular blog of yours makes you sound like person filledl with jealousy and hatred. You are not perfect my friend. No one is except for the "Messengers of Allah". You have a Muslim name but you show no qualities of a Muslim. Be humble and repent for your doings. I believe that Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi has done more for the rakyat and country whether in the capacity of a Minister or as a normal person through his "amal jariah and zakat" compared to you.

    Salam my Muslim brother.

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