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Saturday, January 7, 2012


BRIDGE…. Hiew, Edward and Jamil at the Kuala Penyu new bridge.
THE LONG wait on the completion of the Kuala Penyu new bridge to cross over to the other side of the water is nearly over, but when can this bridge be finally opened is not known.
Sabah DAP leaders visited the new bridge during their walk about visit recently in the Kuala Penyu town saw the construction of the bridge is coming to its final stage, and had spanned across the water to the other bank.
The road users had problems to cross this water in the past many years and had to face the frequent break down of the old ferry. The cars will have to turn back to take a longer route through Beaufort, if the ferry broke down. Until today, the old ferry is struggling to bring cars across the water. Lets hope there wouldn't be another break down before the bridge is finally completed.
The KKMP Hiew King Cheu commented that this new bridge should have been there at least two decades ago, why it took the BN government so long to get it done. The people here had suffered for such a long time and who is going to pay for their losses. The progress of the Kuala Penyu town was also hindered, and development slowed down, due to the difficulty of access and road system.
Hiew urged the government to put in further emphasis in up bringing the economy for Kuala Penyu district which had faced some drawback in its development. The government should take special attention in the agriculture development like rubber, oil palm, padi planting and also on the fishery development in the area.
This is used to be a traditional rice prlducing area, but due to no irrigation, the big rice fields havd been abandoned. There are plenty other things to help this poor district, for example, the tourism development would be one easy way to help.
- Sabahkini

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