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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nur Amalina Che Bakri anwsers allegation raised (with videos)

Yesterday, will start at 5:17 pm, a group of local journalists at home mother 17A1 outstanding students in Malaysia Certificate of Education Examination (SPM) 2005, Nur Amalina Che Bakri to hearing the answer to all issues that are spread social media.

Conversations over Skype video conference over an hour, very friendly, the students of the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom was answered every question put to him.

Now 24 years old, the girl who was born on December 7 was again made ​​headlines locally yesterday, exactly one year after the story is displayed on allegations he failed in his studies abroad ( read here ) and return quietly to his mother's house.

However, the rumor is not true. Once again, this week, the story of this clever girl talked.

Social media the past few days talking about the issue of hot pictures Nur Amalina impose 'legging' taken from his Facebook account photo archives.

Perhaps this is a price to be paid into an icon of excellence in education to become an annual routine to face his family.

Before listening to explanations Nur Amalina, recent developments should be given to this girl because now also involved in the preparation of research papers published in medical journals in Europe.

What is remarkable, as well as medical studies, Nur Amalina to obtain excellent results, also offered to take an additional degree in pharmacology in a year than four years.

Certainly not easy to grapple with two degrees, especially in foreign countries. Here is the story of Nur Amalina:

Recent Developments

In accordance with the award as an outstanding student, Nur Amalina also wise to address the issues and difficult to encase melatah. The first step performed was to contact his mother, Jane Hasaan for advice.

Railing Against reactions

This is an explanation on the issue of Nur Amalina photo 'legging' and with his men spread on the internet. Among them are collections of photos, spread personal and taken without his consent with the intent not good even for humiliating him:

Legging issues and Photos

Saw himself as the expressive in fashion, it is not considered as a license to him beyond all bounds. Legging it looks like exposed skin, whereas it was purchased by his mother.

I Know My Limitations

Nur Amalina also criticized for allegedly depriving cap once set foot in a foreign land. Many have deliberately remove lid Nur Amalina to adapt to Western countries. Ideally, we hear what justification Nur Amalina: 

Application issues Blouse

According to Nur Amalina, he was ready to accept the reprimand given to guide and guidance of his life, but let it be done prudently. He also request that all personal property removed files from the Internet because it can lead to various perceptions embarrassing especially if the view did not receive a true and clear.

I am ready to accept criticism


Nur Amalina further studies in the United Kingdom for the past eight years for A Level examinations through the sponsorship of Bank Negara Malaysia. Despite rumors that the student claimed a negative intention was to return to Malaysia for failing in penganjiannya in 2009, Nur Amalina to obtain various heights in the have learned. These are: June - present: Medical Research Intern WGH Edinburgh Breast Unit & Cancer Research UK, Edinburgh Feb - May 2010Erasmus Research Intern CHDR, The Netherlands Aug - Sept 2009

District Medical Officer                                 
Meru District Hospital, Tanzania
Working in the maternity ward, pediatric, HIV and emergencies.

At the moment we are ridiculed about how not Islamic Nur Amalina, he is also doing community service teaching English is not in the condominium or bungalow berkolam pool, but at the Orphanage, Tanzania and Zanzibar, in 2009.

He also taught the same language since 2008 until now Scuole Elementare in Bergamo, Italy.

For the research works, Nur Amalina now actively preparing for the final chapter of the draft paper "reproductive: Obstetrics and Gynaecology" in ABC of Medically Unexplained symptoms 2011/2012
under the supervision of Dr Andrew Horne, Consultant Gynaecologist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh.

She is writing a book chapter on medically unexplained symptoms in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, chronic pelvic Utara Involved pine, dyspareunia and vulvodynia.

While we are all just great to write in the blog / twitter / facebook like me, Nur Amalina also in the process of completing the manuscript to one issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology for the survey "The resection of lymph nodes and the consequences in the survival rate of patients with breast cancer ( 2011/12) "under the supervision of Prof. Mike Dixon, Professor of Surgery and Consultant Surgeon, Edinburgh Breast Unit, Western General Hospital.

In fact, despite the humility Nur Amalina highlighted during video chat, I feel we should support and prayers for his success because he is the hope for future generations. And at the Nur Amalina, my own hope and pray will continue tintakan in the liver and memory - our cultural and religious teachings to make the previous cases as an example.

And in a further ridicule this girl, do you all know the achievement of this girl? Eating or not this girl in a foreign land? Who looked him when sick? Are not we all learn it all as part of our manners? Nur Amalina, I know you are reading this - my prayer for you and cekalkan hearts, and remember to continue to protect the good name of our religious family. Thank you for the wonderful chat yesterday that we limit!

Read actual Malay text : http://www.hazrey.com/2012/01/803-jawapan-lengkap-nur-amalina-che.html (errors and mistakes expected since it is translated)


  1. It's 'her' not 'his or him', dia perempuan la..

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  3. "Many have deliberately remove lid "

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