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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mr PM, Do You Really Tweet or FB or Blog?

It is commendable 1Malaysia visited those hurt at Bersih 3.0 event on Aug 28, 2012.

So the MSMedia organs gave immense coverage of it. The spin to show the caring, sympathetic, sorrowful and remorseful leader caring for the injured. That must have won so many hearts and changed the thousands who came out to quickly do a gostan and vote for 1Malaysia we can supposed eh?

But the PR spin (wonder if TB's spin merchants are still at work spinning Brits spin) was as far as probably the second paragraph while the headline was obvious. The Blame game on you know who did it to the poor security forces.

Yes indeed it's the thousands of us who were there. Yes 1Malaysia is reminding us we hurt people, we whacked those who acted exemplary to safeguard public interest and property. The law gave them the right to whack the public and not the other way round. And justice must be found for all those security personnel who were hurt by the people.

Poor thousands others, sorry no justice for you as you broke the law we can supposed eh?

Where did this fellow supposedly the most popular and no 1 FB, tweeter and blogger (his own taxpayer's paid website) in BolehLand get the 'truth' from of how these people got hurt! And where did he arrive to the fact and conclusion that the Blame is on the thousands out there were the dirty ones?

Where did this ah jib gor get these ajaib or magical truth information to be so 'male chicken sure' it was the thousands out there to be blamed and take the blame for hurting those who were doing their duty to protect the public and property huh?

Mr 1Malaysia, do you really tweet or FB or Blog? If you are labelled as the most social media savvy leader in the world, probably even surpassing that most powerful leader on earth Mr President O, and have thousands upon thousands of followers, did not you or any of your thousands of fans or followers even told you to at least google to find out the voices in cyberspace on what happened?

It is really amazing and it freaks out some of my netizens freaks that for someone who is always logged on to want to be connected to the people seemed so disconnected to the thousands of images, stories and clips posted on the incident?

Surely Mr 1Malaysia as BolehLand claims to have the most FB fans, 24/7 logins, the many thousands who came out on Aug 28, 2012 must also be among them. These fellow must have already wrote their accounts of what happened right?

Mr PM, did you not google and read the stories of the many thousands, viewed their YouTube postings or read the tweets?

Perhaps your fans and followers are rather unsophisticated tweeters, FBs or bloggers who has only one fan or their link is to one blog, one tweeter and one FB account not to know what's happening out there huh?

If your thousands of fans do not even tweet, blog or FB what happened that day, gosh, I wouldn't want any of them. Perhaps there are those who like to seek attention and shioksendiri as the centre of attention in cyberspace and believe that cyberworld revolves around one blog, one tweeter and one ah gor account!!!

Mr 1Malaysia, if you truly is like the many thousands with blog, tweeter and a FB account or accounts, you'd be just like us even if we are bias and bigots will be tempted to also google and troll the net to see what the others are saying too right?

Unless, you share the same view with your yes ministers including the informed minister that all other blogs, tweeter and FB accounts are lies and cannot be trusted. And that yours is the only one that tells the truth so you don't need to even check what others are saying.

And if you read your responses, are they filtered so that nothing is mentioned what happened on Aug 28 in downtown KL or you only got all the good and wonderful things your security apparatus did. And all the evils that the thousands who were out there did.

Mr most number of hits, visitors or fans in your blog, tweet and FB account, are you for real in cyberspace or are we all liars that you and your yes minsters have branded us that you only depend on your yes people for their stories and disregard the rest in cyberspace huh?

But if you really had a winnie little bit of peek at other blogs, FBs and tweet accounts (even without the other half knowing) then could you please do a favour and not insult the many thousands and blame them and accuse them of beating up your security apparatus and that there is no element of truth what they posted or are telling the truth. And imply what is in your blog, tweeter or FB account or what your yes people and ministers tell you or the MSMedia organs report is the truth huh?

There are many accounts of the good samaritan many of the security personnel rendered to the people, the own people. Yes indeed not all are like that and we recognise it and praise those with good heart not to beat up their own people. But it's really sickening to hear from my leader of pointing the finger and blame the many thousands of us.

One bad apple or blue bois doesn't make the whole bunch bad! And that applies to the other side too?

We are really helpless when those with the weapons and authority to hurt and cite the law too choose to hurt us. Is that fear cast on us not enough. Must you add to it, warn us and also allow the other yes minister to instill that fear on us too?

The compassion and healing seemed to be absent. The security fellows and journalists got so much of your attention. While the public who also got hurt, deserved what they got huh? We are scratching our head what 1Malaysia concept is all about! My people first and perform for them now huh?

Since you probably will only be getting your official version from one side, here is one that has gone viral and hope it is also in your official version.

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