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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The BERSIH 3.0 on 28 April 2012 had ended. Whether successful or unsuccessful is unimportant. The huge crowd of 250,000 people have SPOKEN!!!!! (FIRST TIME IN MALAYSIAN HISTORY)

The Election system needs to be corrected. The Police form have to be investigated and the responsible officers punished. The Judiciary on the other hand, need to wake-up and face reality. Finally, our politicians would have to STOP playing tricks to hoodwink the public.

The main reason for Bersih 3.0 was for clean and fair elections. Firstly, the EC chief and his deputy will have to be SACKED. They are at all material times a UMNO members. Statements from UMNO Secretary-General, Tengku Adnan and Tun Dr Mahathir speaks for itself.

Next, the whole election roll needs to be revamped. Capable Malaysians must be employed to undertake this task, and must be done QUICK to face the forthcoming 13th General Elections.

Once the election roll is CLEAN, no party can dispute it any longer. With a NEW and INDEPENDENT head of EC, the elections can be carried out smoothly.

The Police force has a allot of CHANGES and SACKING to do. Police officers who have cause harm to the members of the public MUST BE SACKED after a fair hearing, included senior officers who gave them instructions to do so. Everything must be off board, having the Committee hearing shown live over national television and with members of public as observers at the hearing. Everyone must be heard, public, victims, police personnel.

From here we will can learn allot. The police force must address all their weaknesses. Malaysians need a dedicated and effective police force to serve them and NOT to serve the political masters to fulfill their own political agenda.

The Judiciary MUST WAKE-UP and face reality. They are here for check and balance and NOT to be used as a tool to fulfill political agendas. The Rule of Law must always be upheld. FLAWS must be addressed immediately to uplift its image.

Politicians whether BN or Opposition must stop the blame game and face their fate that Malaysians no longer can be fooled by their sandiwara or hoodwink.

If there is proof that they had created chaos, they too must be punished. But I am sure, both side of the divide have things to hide and only with a thorough investigation can we learn the ulterior motives and punish them.

One thing was certain, We, Malaysians had stood UNITED. Our VOICE have be heard!!!!!

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