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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ISA hunger strike: Detainee's mom pleads for info

The mother of an Internal Security Act detainee has urged family members of other detainees to come forward with any details they have of the hunger strike by the detainees.

NONEHadijah CP Veeravu, whose son Mohamad Fadzullah Abdul Razak (right) has been detained for almost two years, said this is so they are informed of the detainees’ well being and can support their hunger strike for freedom.

“I am appealing to other family members of detainees reading this to come forward and share what you know,” she said at her home in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, this morning.

She said that, to date, her only information is that her son had stopped eating on May 13.

“His sister who lives in Kuala Kangsar met with him (in the Kamunting detention camp) for about 20 minutes and he told her he started his strike that day,” she said.

“(Some had) started on Saturday, while others will also join (in). But we don't know any other details, including how many are involved.”

NONEHadijah and her husband Abdul Razak Mohd had travelled to the detention camp on Monday but was not allowed in as visits are only allowed once a week.

“We will be going again this weekend,” she said, clearly concerned about her son's well-being.

Abdul Razak, who received a rare phone call from Fadzullah during the interview, said he had made multiple calls to the detention centre to ascertain the situation.

“But they told me that there was no such hunger strike. I haven't been able to speak to the camp director yet,” he said.  

He said that, during the phone call which lasted barely a minute, Fadzullah had asked for his sister to come to the camp as “he wanted to pass her something”.

“This is very strange and has never happened before. Maybe he was instructed to call me after I made those calls this morning. In any case, what on earth has he got to pass to his sister?” he asked.

Abdul Razak said that, when asked about the strike, his son did not answer but sounded well.
“Maybe he was surrounded by wardens, as he was making the call from the Kemta (detention camp) office,” he said, adding that Fadzullah usually communicates in writing.

Anxious wait for news

Hadijah said that, while she is worried about her son, she prays for strength for him so he can get through it.

“I support what he and his friends are doing as they feel it is their only way to freedom. I pray that Allah protects him. I am certain that he is innocent,” she said emphatically.

azlan“They were really hoping for freedom when the prime minister announced the ISA repeal.”

At the time of writing, the duo were still waiting for word from their daughter about Fadzullah.

Malaysiakinicontacted the detention centre to confirm the claims but the camp director was at a meeting.

According to human rights NGO Suaram, some detainees began thehunger strike on May 10 but details are still sketchy.

The Human Rights Commission plans to visit the camp on Friday to check on the detainees and obtain further information.
Fadzullah was arrested on July 10, 2010 for allegedly recruiting students for a Jemaah Islamiyah group.

According to his parents, the 30-year-old was also initially accused of robbing a jewellery store, a sundry store and stealing chemicals from a school laboratory.

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