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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Holding Rakyat hostage to gain bonus

Aldric Loong Kim Yew criticised the Selangor government’s assertions that dams in the state were full and consumers would not face water shortages.

“The state government is obviously confused. It is referring to the seven dams in Selangor which act to store surface water or raw water, when Syabas is referring to the reservoirs storing treated water for supply to consumers.”

Loong also said the Selangor government had no expertise to take over the state’s water supply as the entire operation had been privatised.

“At the very least, they owe a duty to the citizens of the state to listen to the authorities and operators who know of the true situation and to act responsibly in the interests of consumers.”
Syabas said 134 areas were expected to experience water disruptions this week, including 86 areas in Shah Alam, Klang and Hulu Langat.
For the past two weeks two major happenings are felt by the Rakyat.
The rising cost of food and dry pipes.
Both due to the weather according to certain interested parties.

I have been in the food business for eight years and 3/4 of my life revolves around the political game of UMNO.

The blame game pointed to the weather that cannot answer back.  

How can there be shortage of food in Malaysia?  We have plenty of land to grow greens, padi and breed animals for our own consumption.  We should be exporting food not import.  Land reserve meant for agriculture are sold off for monetary gain.  Malaysia still has the ability to feed its population of 28 million if UMNO Government does not continue to sell off its land to foreigners.  Foreigners are not interested in agriculture because it is a long term investment.  Buildings are fast moving commodity, once built and sold off the profit are then taken out of this country.  The other negative working of the UMNO Government is that every single intended projects are created to earn big commission and fame.  It does not matter whether it is feasible or not.  The only focal point is 'HOW MUCH COMMISSION WILL I GET FROM THIS PROJECT?' 

Second point to the rising cost is that certain parties like to travel first class, stay in five star hotel, demand for shopping, gambling and fucking allowance.  Then on top of that money must be given to every Tom, Dick and Harry in that department before the goods can be release.  And if that is not enough the Religious Department must join in the game of asking for pocket money in the name of HALAL.

Next the water crisis in Selangor.  Do we actually have a crisis or was it intended by UMNO Government to strangle the Selangor State Government?  Like electricity, water monopoly can channel trillion ringgit into private pockets.  Plus the stoppage of water can weaken the Selangor State Government.  One must remember Najib is trying very, very hard to win back Selangor, otherwise he loses face.  But what I do know is that Mahathir is the master planner and Najib gave the order to stop the flow of water to Selangor.

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