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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Singapore Factor In Malaysian Politics

The hypocrisy and the inconvenient truth

By Matthias Chang,
2nd July 2012, 
Future Fastforward

Utusan Malaysia accused DAP advisor, Lim Kit Siang as having once served as the
press secretary to former Singapore prime minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and because
of this background, Singapore will use DAP as the means to achieve her political
objectives for Peninsula Malaysia.

Wow! This is indeed a serious accusation.

But, if one is to look at the facts objectively, the accusation by Utusan Malaysia is not
only mischievous, but downright stupid. It is gutter politics.

If truth be told, UMNO politicians (including the rank and file) hold the view that the
Chinese being immigrants were very fortunate to be given citizen rights when UK
granted independence to Malaya. It was a huge concession by UMNO leaders. It
was a political deal entered between UMNO and the MCA. And, the Chinese must
forever be grateful to UMNO.

This is the “truth” and “reality” which UMNO insists must be accepted by one
and all.

I have no wish to enter into the polemics of this divisive issue, but suffice to say that
Utusan Malaysia and UMNO politicians must explain to their followers and the larger
Malay community why in spite of their aversion to the Chinese in Malaysia (a socalled  potential Trojan Horse of the Singaporeans and as alleged against Lim Kit Siang), they are in awe of the former prime minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew?

I refer to the visits by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and the red carpet treatment accorded to
him. Other foreign leaders, such as Margaret Thatcher were treated with less, much
less pomp and ceremonies. But, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was given every opportunity to
lecture to our leaders and even our “first lady” was given a special audience with this
Chinese leader. Our intellectuals in leading Think Tanks were only too eager to
absorb his wisdom on statecraft, economic theories and geopolitical analysis. Future
prime ministers would do well to pay Mr. Lee Kuan Yew a visit to legitimise his
standing as the future leader able to stand on par with this ivory-skin Englishman.

UMNO political and business wheeler-dealers never cease in their efforts to seduce
and lure  Singapore businessmen to invest in Malaysia. We need not look further
than the multi-billion Iskandar project in Johore. Its success hinges largely on
Singapore and her investments in the region. The mass media is replete with
editorials, articles and pictures depicting the so-called close ties which our leaders
have with their counter-parts in Singapore.

And this is the irony. The majority of the citizens in Singapore are Chinese and
historically, most of the Chinese in Singapore were from peninsula Malaya. The
same holds true for the Malays and the Indians in Singapore. Singaporeans will tell
any visitor that they have relatives in Malaysia. Singapore was in fact owned by the
Sultan of Johore until the British Colonialists carved it out as a separate political

The Johore State government is sparing no efforts to ensure that Singaporeans can
invest in Iskandar and to buy up the residential properties which cost much less than
similar properties in Singapore.

Are we not allowing Singapore Chinese (who are not citizens and who pay no
income tax) to enjoy almost all the benefits of citizenship without the responsibility as

How is it that Utusan Malaysia and UMNO politicians do not consider this huge influx
of Singaporeans a national threat, but accuse Lim Kit Siang as the threat when he is
the elected representative in Malaysia’s Parliament and one time Leader of the
Opposition in that august house?

How is it that Utusan Malaysia and UMNO politicians condone (with the exception of
Tun Mahathir) the sale of sand to Singapore thereby assisting in the territorial
expansion of Singapore to the detriment of Malaysia’s coastline and territorial

How is it that Utusan Malaysia and UMNO politicians did not make a hue and cry
when Tan Sri Hassan Merican, the brilliant President and CEO of Petronas was
booted out and thereafter sought greener pastures in Singapore, selling his expertise
to Singapore? Why has there been no condemnation by Utusan Malaysia against
Tan Sri Hassan Merican?

How is it that the Barisan Nasional government led by UMNO is willing to sell water
to Singapore at pre-World War I prices notwithstanding the objections of Tun
Mahathir Mohamad?

The silence of Utusan Malaysia on the above issues is deafening and yet it has the
audacity to accuse a loyal son of Malaysia for undermining the country in collusion
with Singapore. While I may not support DAP as a political party, I have no reason to
doubt his loyalty to the country for which he has made huge personal sacrifices, to
be incarcerated under the Internal Security Act for his political beliefs.

I wonder how many scribes of the Utusan Malaysia are willing to make similar

And adding insult to injury, the intellectually bankrupt editorial scribe “Awang
Selamat” has the audacity to accuse Lim Guan Eng, the present Chief Minister of
Penang of participating in the infamous May 13 racial riots when at the material time,
he was only a little boy of eight. This shows that Utusan Malaysia is a fascist mouth
piece  of the tiny moribund of UMNO leaders who are being confronted with the
nightmare that they might lose power after the 13thGeneral Election.

If truth be told, it is these fascist scribes that will be the downfall of UMNO and
Barisan Nasional. They reflect the worst of UMNO and not its best. There are good
people in UMNO and the Barisan Nasional, but unfortunately they lack the courage
of their convictions to condemn these political faggots. Their sins are the sins of
omissions and they bear a greater responsibility for the demise of the Barisan
Nasional for they could have put an end to this kind of gutter politics but they chose
to remain silent.

A final parting shot to these numbskulls.

Recently, the Barisan Nasional controlled mass media made a hue and cry regarding
the alleged Letter of Support (Surat Sokong) issued by the political secretary of the
Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Selangor as evidence of corruption.

A Letter of Support is not a letter of approval or even a recommendation. It is an
invitation to the relevant authority to consider the application if there are merits.

If indeed such letters are acts of corruption, then Barisan Nasional must be indicted
first and foremost for the  numerous  surat sokong that they have issued over the
years. It is prevalent in all Barisan Nasional administrations, at both Federal and
State levels. Lest our memories fail us, there used to be a joke that the fifth prime
minister was so accommodative in issuing such surat sokong, that for every project
that he  has approved there would be more than ten such surat sokong to ten
different personalities and or corporate entities.

So be careful, for this allegation against Pakatan Rakyat may just boomerang
against Barisan Nasional for the Opposition will have abundant opportunities to
distribute thousands of such letters issued by State Assemblymen, Members of
Parliament, Menteri Besar (Chief Ministers), Political Secretaries, Ministers and
Prime Ministers, past and present.

There is another millstone around the necks of Barisan Nasional Ministers.

The best whistle-blowers are not civil servants, but those businessmen who have
lost out on tenders to unscrupulous rivals who failed to qualify and only got the job
because of political affiliations.

When RM  billions are at stake and RM millions spent to submit a tender, rest
assured that those who succeeded by underhand tactics will pay a heavy price.

Need I say more?

Barisan Nasional Ministers are forewarned

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