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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow! The UMNO System- Best in the World

Deepak is now a writer. He has come out with a book The Black Rose. Wow!  What a topic.  We look forward to reading that book.

He is also a businessman who will not hesitate to spend if there’s more money to be made. So Deepak through Astacanggih Sdn Bhd issued  a RM72.5 million land bond on behalf of Awan Megah (M) Sdn Bhd.in return RR must have promised Deepak she will transfer the titles to Deepak on 200 acres. RR will keep the 23 acres balance. RR assures Deepak he is safe. The owner of the 20% shares in Astacanggih Putra Nazrain bin Abdul Jalil is also a director in Awan Megah together with one Raja Rabiatun bt Raja Abdullah. Wow! All blue blood suckers.

So what did Deepak spend on? He has paid RM 13 million, RM8 million in political contributions, RM7million in legal costs and RM2 million in miscellaneous. Total RM 30 million. He will issue RM 72.5 million in land bond on behalf of awan Megah. He would have to pay another 10 million to Raja  Ropiaah.

So now all Deepak has to do is wait for RR to complete the transfer.  He looks forward to pay the balance RM10 million to RR personally, when titles over 200 acres of the land in Kelang are vested in his name. Raja Ropiaah will keep the balance 23 acres for herself to build a ranch or something to keep all the cows bought by Shahrizat. Or something like that.

But you know the cilaka wanita UMNO leader went to do another deal with someone else. She wants more money. She took RM2 million cash and RM16million OD facility from one Guppyunit Sdn Bhd. we don’t know what Raja Ropiaah agreed. But she sold one of the 3 lots to guppyunit sdn bhd.

Maybe RR sold her portion of the land- 20 acres and invites the plastic manufacturer to become her JV partner to build the RM100million Research Center. That would explain the RM2 million and RM16 million advance. A private company with OD giving facilities?

 Our Hindustani hero placed a caveat on the 3 lots jamming the whole project. Then all hell broke loose. Deepak ratted on everyone. He went after RR. He said he had paid her RM21 million (13 + 8) and paid RM9 million for legal fees and miscellaneous. I am sure he has signed some papers to the effect. When everything is transferred he will pay RM10 million cash to RR. He went public with details and blasted everyone.

He must have reported these things to Najib and had expected Najib to rein in RR. Apparently Najib did not do as expected. So broken hearted Deepak went on the offensive and revealed that Bala’s frst SD was in fact the true SD and that a second SD was fabricated in a drama-like setting. We know the rest of the story.

Suddenly LTAT which has nothing to do with this quarrel steps in. it was suddenly seized by a bout of temporary insanity and elects to spend millions.

The question now before us, is why must LTAT get into the fray? They are not privy to the contract between RR and Deepak. The object of the whole exercise seems to be to save Raja Ropiaah. And save people from MINDEF and even LTAT who may have their hands in the sting job. Since we do not have a RM100 million Research Center, the vesting of the 223 acres of land belonging to MINDEF must be a massive fraud. Why the need to save her unless she is fencing for UMNO leaders? Has Raja Ropiaah infected LTAT with a virulent strain of mad-cow disease that has gone undetected?

So LTAT asks its son- Boustead Holdings to buy off Deepak for RM30 million back. You know how GLC screws us. In order to deceive people, they build themselves a byzantine maze with sister companies, brother companies, son-companies, grandson-companies and great-great grandson- companies. It will take the financial sleuth sometime to trace the trail of deception and corruption. Example. LTAT is the parent company. Boustead Holdings is the son-company. Baktiwira is the grandson company. Jendela Hikmat is the great-great grandson company. UMNO has a system already. At every level, the UMNO GLC infuses the culture of deception and corruption. every level skims off the milk.

But the bugger Deepak latches on and on. The issue isn’t the money he spent says Deepak. He invested the money on the expectation that RR would deliver the 200 acres. He knows he can make more money with the 200 acres. And he claims, why should RR make all the money? Even if got back his RM30 million, what did RR do to get her RM21 million? LTAT is actually paying what RR took from Deepak by cheating him. Why is LTAT so friendly with RR?

Why is RR so special to MINDEF and its minister then? What has she done to get RM27million from MINDEF and keep 20 acres of land worth RM40million? RR also got RM18 million from Guppyunit. How can this lady make the money? Deepak is livid.

Raja Ropiaah becomes a rich lady of leisure. RR gets RM 27m from MINDEF + RM 13m from Deepak + RM8m in political contributions + RM2m cash from Guppyunit and RM16m in OD facility from Guppyunit. Finally she gets RM130m from LTAT through Baktiwira.  All in all- RM196m. not as much as RM250m.

See how UMNO people treat property belonging to the people as their private property. They conspire openly to steal from us. We now know, this is what UMNO leaders do. They get land on the cheap from the government or GLCs, then without even transferring the name of the title, sells it to a 3rd party.

That was what the wanita UMNO leader tried to do. She got the land on the cheap from the government and entered into agreement to sell it to Deepak. She got some money from the carpet merchant. But she has also agreed to sell the same land to several other parties and if she behaves like a true blue UMNO person, she must have collected money from other people too. This is how UMNO steals from us while shouting Hidup Melayu here and there!

Wow! UMNO system- best in the world.

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