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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lineage and Heritage. The determinants of Success.

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Many years ago, after an UMNO General Assembly, delegates showed open defiance to Najib. They found so many things disagreeable after he delivered his presidential speech.

When he spoke about 1Malaysia, the delegates insisted on Malay Rights. When he spoke about The New Economic Model, the delegates demanded a stay of the NEP. When I once asked him about the NEM- he said it is market driven affirmative action. True- its market driven enrichment of the select few.

In the end, desperate for believability and acceptance, Najib had nothing he can use to defend himself- other than by affirming that he is the son of Tun Razak. As though that is enough to assure success in what he was about to do.

Probably 6 years down the road, Najib repeats himself silly. When challenged to explain possible wrongdoings in 1MDB, profligate spending, abuse of power, failure to manage the economy- Najib pursued the same tired strategy. He offered the achievements obtained under ETP, GTP, Pemandu and the various NKRA criteria to explain away the irritable questions. 1.5 million jobs created mainly for the immigrants- Nepalese, Bangladeshis, Myanmarese who acquire skills. Meanwhile our local boys don’t know how to turn the screws and bolts at the MRT sites.

The questions kept coming, he cannot answer.

Finally as if realising what he said thus far is contentious, he cited the last and bizarre defence and the craving for believability- that he is after all a Bugis.

In the first instance, having failed to appease delegates- he affirmed he is Tun Razak’s son. In the second instance, a few days ago, after realising his storytelling about ETP, GTP, Pemandu and NKRAs is not believable, he affirms his Bugis lineage.

Which means what? Which means to suggest and make others believe, the fact that you are Tun Razak’s son guarantees and ensures success; the fact that you are a Bugis ensures success. Success therefore depends on something, some quality, some genes you inherit that ensure success.

What you can achieve outside the FACT that you are Tun Razak’s son and Bugis depend on the education, experience, acquired skills, dexterity, and verve, discipline you have- all based on merits and voluntarily cultivated.

Now, readers will at once realise, that is a way to explain things, to offer hope on the basis of what and who you are. It is totally a different way from explaining that something, some objectives succeed only because you can contribute something towards realising them. Such as working hard, such as acquiring skills, education, etc. 

Something which is reflected in the practical response of a Malay and a Chinese when faced by reduction in real income as a result if GST since all things are becoming expensive. The Malay says- no worries I am Malay and I am entitled to BR1m and other welfare assistance. The Chinese will respond no worry- last time I fried 2 plates ofcharkoayteow, now I fry 4. Very practical but different solution.

The Malay offers a way out by pointing out to who he is. The Chinese offers a way out by increasing contribution- making more plates of char koayteow.

In the first way, the person is doomed or defined because of who he is. If he were not a son of Tun Razak, he cannot offer and guarantee success. If he were not a Bugis, he cannot succeed. The second way of explaining things depend on acquired traits- learnable, and expandable that produce possibilities.

Sociologists have longed recognised ascriptive values andachieving values as basis for progress. The backward people, the capacity challenged leader will find excuses and recourse by referring to their lineage and heritage. Najib just did many years ago and hasn’t learnt since then.

 The progressive an expandable society subscribe to achievement values- which are values voluntarily acquired and cultivated and used as driving engines towards forwardness. Progressive peoples and progressive societies know the way forward depends on the efforts voluntarily and actively put in. it does not depend on reliance of passive lineage and the distant past.

The last time I checked, the bugis people in Pahang did not participate in the Pahang Rebellionin the 1880s against the British. My ancestors- non Bugis did.

It’s a well-known fact that only third  world mentality leaders, a backward country leader will use the defence ofascriptive values and characteristics as ; that successful construction of progress and advancement depend on who they are and his lineage.

Malays must get out of that mental rut. Abandon the leader who teaches that the way out depends on your lineage and your inherited status. Dr Mahathir has already cut the fallacy opened- the fact that Najib is the son of Tun Razak did not prevent Najib from failing on so many fronts.  Your status and bloodline are  irrelevant- what you can do is more important.

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