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Thursday, January 5, 2017

A man of integrity in a commission lacking integrity

YOURSAY | ‘Bahri, you are one of the fine Malaysians who have principles.’
Trueglitter: It is exceedingly disheartening and disappointing to acknowledge the premature retirement of the dedicated and much-respected former director of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commision's (MACC) Special Operations Division chief Bahri Mohd Zin, who had unexpectedly opted out just three years before reaching the milestone of his long service career with the establishment.
The rakyat is particularly sympathetic over the unpalatable circumstances involving his decision, especially when he has vehemently expressed his frustrations and disappointments over his unexpected transfer to the PM's Department, including the unnecessary arrests of three investigators for the purported leaks over the 1MDB scandal and RM42 million of SRC money in PM Najib Razak's personal bank account.
It is an accepted fact that the hidden hands within Umno-BN, particularly those of MO1 (Malaysian Official 1), are desperately and tirelessly at work to pressurise for the early retirement or the forced transfers of those who are swift on their heels to unravel the truth on the 1MDB debacle.
Oscar Kilo: Yes, besides Bahri's early retirement, we should also note that many MACC top officers from the Special Operations Division have been reported transferred out, apparently without any replacements.
It's downright fishy, isn't it?
Kim Quek: MACC has now been reduced from a lame duck to a eunuch as far as nabbing the corrupt ruling elite is concerned, following the recent purge of its few remaining conscientious officers.
Prior to this, the meek and compliant attorney-general (AG) was replaced by a ferocious political henchman for his political master. So, now the field is all clear for the allegedly corrupt (only those in the ruling clique) to loot with impunity.
Prove of this is that there is not a whimper in the establishment in Malaysia over the RM50 billion loss of 1MDB through fraud and embezzlement, while this transnational financial crime – known as the world’s largest – has been a global sensation that has triggered criminal investigations and actions in many jurisdictions around the world.
For how long can Malaysia’s public coffers withstand such alleged raiding without crippling the country?
Roger 5201: Utusan Malaysia quoted Umno senator Mohd Ali Rustam as specifically referring to Bahri, whom he accused of issuing statements that could potentially 'confuse' the public.
“MACC must take immediate action against its officers who are seen as attempting to smear the prime minister’s image, especially Bahri, as a reflection of its seriousness in dealing with disciplinary problems.”
MACC is supposed to be an independent body to investigate corruption, so why is Bahri being disciplined for merely doing his job? Is Mohd Ali satisfied now that MACC's disciplinary problem has been resolved?
Dont Just Talk: At least, Bahri can hold his head high amongst his peers and friends after his retirement.
He can also sleep in peace at night, with a clear conscience that he has done his best to carry out his duties as expected of him as an investigator-director of MACC.
Instead of investigating and charging MO1, who was caught with RM42 million in his personal account which came from SRC, which he denied knowing where it came from, three of MACC officers were detained for leaking 1MDB investigations.
The result of the 1MDB and SRC financial scandals has caused the loss of confidence by investors in our MO1 leadership and the consequences of which is a weaken ringgit at RM4.50 to US$1. Have our leaders no shame whatsoever?
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: One by one, the patriotic officers, who know too much of the many scandals, are leaving the service.
This plays right into the hands of MO1. The day when the government machinery is cleansed of those conscientious officers, MO1 would be the happiest person on earth.
Negarawan: It has been alleged by Sarawak Report that the actual cost of the East Coast Railway Line (ECRL) project is RM27 billion, but the cost was inflated by close to 100 percent for the China contractor (CCCC) to channel funds to 1MDB to cover their massive debts, including the disputed amount with Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC).
The alleged massive money-laundering involving 1MDB will continue unabated as long as MO1 is in power. The corruption cases that the MACC are showcasing to the rakyat now, to prove its "worthiness", are nine orders of magnitude smaller than the 1MDB case.
I hope MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad understands what "nine orders of magnitude" means from his high school mathematics classes. For Dzulkifli to remain silent on such gargantuan corruption simply means that he himself is culpable.
And I am sure that the international media will have strong interest in the alleged CCCC-1MDB deal. There can be no doubt that the international financial standing of Malaysia will be dealt another big blow once this suspicious deal is exposed widely by the Wall Street Journal and other major news agencies.
Anticonmen: For years, the system has been implemented, both in the public as well as private sectors, such that honest men cannot survive because all are not equal and do not enjoy unfettered freedom of speech, thought and the right to dissent as espoused by the tenets of true democracy.
Beneficiaries of the flawed system will ultimately become victims of the system also in order for things to eventually reach a critical mass in the movement for justice and governance. That's how karma works.
Mosquitobrain: We have always demand MACC officers to perform without fear or favour and independently. They've tried it. They've done it. Now they've lost their job.
The PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) even raided the agency and took away equipment and documents relating to the SRC investigations.
Shunyata: Bahri Mohd Zin is a veteran of integrity. You have fought the war well and we wish you a happy retirement.

Guna Otak: Bahri, keep your head high. You are one of the fine Malaysians who have discipline and principles. I salute you. It is a loss to the country that Malaysians like you are not able to serve the country.-Mkini

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