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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Number of flood victims stands at 16,904

The number of flood victims in Kelantan and Terengganu rose last night while it was unchanged in Pitas, Sabah.
There are now 16,904 flood victims at relief centres in the states concerned compared to 16,250 people yesterday afternoon.
In Kelantan, 14,074 victims from 4,996 families are being sheltered in 41 relief centres in five districts as of 9 pm compared to 13,496 from 4,823 families at 5 pm.
The highest number of victims is in Pasir Mas, at 10,094 people from 3,753 families who have been placed at 30 evacuation centres.
In Terengganu, the number of victims went up slightly to 2,652 people at 29 relief centres as of 9 pm compared to 2,576 yesterday afternoon.
Although the situation in districts like Besut, Setiu and Hulu Terengganu which were hit badly are on the mend, it was different in Kuala Terengganu which saw the number of victims rise to 783 people from 191 families as compared to 401 people (99 families) iun the afternoon.
In the Pitas district, about 180km from Kota Kinabalu, the number of victims remained at 178 people from 49 families who are sheltered at two relief centres, Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Rukom and SK Pekan 2 Pitas.
Sabah Education director Datuk Maimunah Suhaibul said three schools had to close in the district tomorrow due to the floods namely SK Kusilad, SK Sosop and SK Dallas.

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