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Friday, January 6, 2017

For Malaysia, only more pain and suffering can bring change

YOURSAY | ‘The only solution is that the regime politicians themselves must become victims of abuse.’
Anticonmen: The root of the problem is that democracy was allegedly dismantled or modified by elected politicians who did not understand or accept democracy as the perfect system of checks and balances against abuse of power once given the trust to lead.
When there is no more equality, 40 percent of the population cannot act as a check and balance to 60 percent of the population.
When there is limited freedom of speech, the right to dissent is no longer a citizen’s check and balance against abuse by a few.
When separation of powers is removed, there is totally no institutional check and balance against abuse. When the power of parliament is removed, there is no parliamentary check on power abuse.
It’s the elected regime politicians and not the opposition politicians who screwed up for us. The only solution is that the regime politicians themselves must become victims of the abuse, realise their predicament and reinstate the constitution.
Anonymous_1421406986: Commander S Thayaparan, your arguments are definitely well-thought-out.
We are not talking about the opposition coalition parties, we are talking about their leaders holding mind-wars with one another. They have come together to share the spoils if they ever succeed in winning the next GE.
Our bigger concern will be the lingering divisions that will continue to exist despite a win. Nobody seems to be interested about the fate of the country except to win at all costs.
Undeniably we want change but at what expense? Show us one leader who finds acceptability within the opposition coalition, or even the rakyat for that matter.
Pemerhati: One crucial factor that favours Najib Abdul Razak and Umno is their monopoly of the electronic and print media as it is the main source of information for those in the rural and Felda areas.
Since independence, the Umno-controlled TV and radio channels and newspapers have brainwashed their vote bank into thinking that Umno is their protector and saviour.
Umno can effectively counter any allegations of wrongdoing by the opposition by using these media. Although the opposition can now use the Internet to communicate with the people, their message does not reach most of Umno’s vote bank as most of these people do not use the Internet.
Moreover, overcoming several decades of racist and religious brainwashing of unsophisticated people by Umno is akin to trying to convince simple people, who have been brainwashed by religion, that according to scientific evidence there is no god.
One factor that might get Umno’s vote bank to rebel and demand change is extreme economic hardship.
Retnam: It always gives one a good feeling when one sees ideas one already has had for long being expressed in colourful and sophisticated language. Thank you, Thayaparan.
However, it is difficult to understand why the elephant in the room is being ignored even by many of the most intellectual of our commenters, viz the China factor.
Before the so-called economic meltdown strikes, China will capitalise on the situation and take full control of the country. It is going to be a different ball game altogether.
Don't worry about another racial clash. It will never happen. China will take care of it. We could very likely become another Tibet.
Lone_Star: First the uppers from Koon Yew Yin and now for the downers from the commander. 2017 should prove to be an exciting year for all, inclusive of the Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), who just a short while ago was cycling in Australia.
ABC123: Excellent piece, commander. I hold Koon Yew Yin's writings in good regard but I have to say that the factors he said will cause a Harapan win are flimsy and baseless.
There is no indication that those three segments (Felda settlers, young Malays, and East Malaysians) will shift to Harapan. In fact, it is the opposite.
If history is any indication, those three segments are more likely to stay with BN, now more so than ever because of the fragmentation of the opposition.
The more likely outcome is economic meltdown and when (not if) that happens, the divisions within the Malays and between the Malays and the other races will boil over. That is the most likely catalyst for change. The change will be painful.
The Analyser: The opposition have made no challenges at all. Their political existence relies solely upon their religion, their race and the personalities involved.
The irony is that it’s religion and race that keeps Umno in power. That hold they have over the electorate is unassailable.
The only thing that the opposition are capable of challenging is political ineptitude, incompetence, selfishness and greed. Let the games begin.
Abasir: "...Other factors will determine regime change in this country and this may very well turn Malaysia into a failed state"? Hmmm... let's see now.
The police have allegedly consistently failed to act with an even hand or keep population centres free of barricades and private security, the civil service has failed to resist the directives the crooked/incompetent politicians, the judiciary has regularly failed to administer justice in all cases affecting the regime, banks have failed to act with the integrity expected of them, the immigration and armed forces have failed to protect the borders allowing millions of illegals to creep in, mainstream media has always failed to tell the truth, schools/universities have failed to educate in meaningful ways, politicians across the board have failed to rise above considerations of political dividends while Malaysians, by and large have failed to get out of the trap of race and religion.
So, when do we officially become a failed state?
What's new: It is more than a decade and a couple of GEs have taken places. The electorates have always reminded the opposition coalition to get their act together.
Apparently, all the good advice have fallen on deaf ears. Is it not obvious that these immature clowns are not ready to govern? It appears we have to wait till the tropical sun gets cold.-Mkini

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