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Thursday, January 12, 2017

ISIS Relocating To Yemen, Maybe Also Afghanistan And Malaysia

The ISIS are losing the war very badly in Syria, Iraq and also Libya. There are reports that ISIS supporter Turkey and Saudi Arabia have already begun shipping ISIS terrorists from Aleppo and Mosul down to Yemen to fight the Houthis on behalf of Saudi Arabia.

By the way, Saudi Arabia has appointed newly retired Pakistani Chief of Armed Forces General Raheel Sharif to be the first Commander of the Saudi Arabia created pro-Salafi 39 nation 'anti terrorist command' of which Malaysia has been announced as a member.

Here is a quickie cut and paste:

So this means that Malaysia is now part of a "counter terrorism alliance" which will include ISIS terrorists flown out of Aleppo and Mosul by the Saudis and Turkey.  

Kalau DNA sudah bodoh, nak buat apa lagi?  

Over in Afghanistan, the country is going from chaos to super chaos. The Taliban control the countryside, especially at night and they are set to over run the cities as well. Kabul may fall to the Taliban again. There has been war, war and war on this most wretched piece of dirt for the past 45 years since the early 1970s (that was when many of you over 60 year old readers were beginning to become more religious. It takes about that long to fully settle down in the mental asylum. Now you have your children and grandchildren to keep you company. Will they spit on your graves one day?)

Anyway here is news about the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban again: 

Afghan Army Can’t Secure Country, Loses Territory to Taliban © AFP 

Afghanistan becoming sanctuary for terrorists 

two years after NATO forces pulled out in 2014
Afghan Forces not equipped to secure country without assistance

security force not capable of securing Afghanistan 
lost territory to Taliban 
several areas hotbeds for drug trafficking and corruption

suicide attack near parliament buildings in Kabul killed 38 people
militants capable of large-scale attacks on urban centers. 

bombing provincial governor’s guest house in Kandahar 
killed five diplomats from United Arab Emirates. 

My comments :  So the question to ask is will this new 'anti terror alliance' headed by a Pakistani general of which Malaysia is a member  be deployed to maintain the peace in Afghanistan?

Because the timing cannot be better. The Saudis have cobbled together this 39 nation 'anti terror alliance'. At the same time, Afghanistan is falling apart again to terrorism. 

So why not this brand new 'anti terror alliance' send troops to Afghanistan to sort out the terrorists there?

You can bet your last camel (only if you have one ok - this is just a figure of speech, hands off the suicide button) that this brand new anti terror alliance will not lift a finger to help Afghanistan. 

This brand new anti terror alliance has been set up by Saudi Arabia for the sole purpose of saving the Saudi's backsides in their failed war of aggression against Yemen.  And Malaysia is part of this Saudi war of aggression. 

Bila DNA sudah bodoh apa boleh buat?

When (not if) Afghanistan is retaken by the Taliban (the Taliban spring offensive will begin once the snows have melted in April / May) their old friends the Al Qaeda, their new friends the ISIS and all the other terrorist nuts will make a bee line for Afghanistan. For the second time, Afghanistan will become the next new frontier for terrorism.  

Ayub Khan, once the war in Syria and Iraq are over, our local jihadis will head for good old Afghanistan again. Elok panggil Cikgu Non (CN Afghani) standby bagi ceramah kat Kampong Kepala Terbatas.  

The ISIS are definitely relocating.  Malaysia is now increasingly pro-Salafi.  

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