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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Malulah AG's Chambers : Four Major Court "Battles" Lost In Singapore, But All Quiet On The Malaya Front

I think the PTD officers group are sharing this info.  They say that the Singapore High Court has so far convicted the fourth person involved in the 1MDB case. A fifth fellow from Maybank Securities Singapore has also been arrested. 

Here is the news of the latest Singapore Court conviction:

Yet in Malaysia, there has not been a single case brought even to the Tanjong Ipoh Sessions Court.  

The IGP said at long last that the Police were investigating the 1MDB case. But that was the last we heard about it from the IGP.  Not a sound since then.

Australia has also announced that they will be investigating the 1MDB case.

The United States Dept of Justice has sought to seize apartment buildings in Belgravia, London bought with stolen 1MDB money.  The US is using anti money laundering laws which are now quite universal among the Western countries with the sole exception of the United Kingdom.  Because the UK is NOT taking any action against  1MDB crooks using stolen money to buy properties in London. It is an obvious method of money laundering. Dirty stolen money buys expensive properties to 'legitimise' it. 

The US action does place the UK gomen in an embarrassing situation. But the UK is not shy about embarrassing situations. They shed the human blood of 500,000 Iraqis under the false propaganda that Saddam Hussein had WMDs that presented an imminent threat to the UK.

Now the UK is selling bombs to the Saudis that can shed the human blood  of men, women and children in Yemen. Again, to shed more human blood.  Dumb bombs, smart bombs, napalm bombs, cluster bombs, stand off weapons or whatever - they are designed to shred human flesh from men, women and children.  The UK is not embarrassed about such things.

But lets get back to the Malaya Front. Its all quiet. This "war" started in Malaya. 1MDB is a uniquely Malaysian creation and a Malayan problem. And the repercussions are being felt throughout the world.

In the US, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, Luxembourg and elsewhere there are ongoing investigations, indictments, civil actions, court cases and convictions - all connected to 1MDB.

But in Malaya, the Ground Zero of 1MDB, there is not even a single investigation that has been concluded.     

Here is a recent telephone conversation between Switzerland and Malaya :

Swiss : Allo, allo  Malaizie?  This is Switzerland.

Malaya : Ya, hallo Swees. This is Malaysia. What talking you?

Swiss : Allo, we have found US$4 billion money that has been stolen from Malaizia. We want to return this money to Malaizia.  Can you acknowledge receipt of this US$4 billion?

Malaya : No no no. No such thing.  Big mistake. All our money is with our Big Momma. Very safe. No need to call us.

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