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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pagan Punishments by 'Muslims For Allah'.

I receive frequent emails (thank you) asking me for references or websites which discuss the Quran and Islam. 

There are many such websites. If you are interested just Yahoo, Google or search Facebook for 'Quranists', 'Quran Only' or 'Quranic Islam'. 

I found this site 'Muslims For Allah' here.   It popped up when I was looking for something.

There is a strongly worded article there titled "Pagan Punishment for Adultery Was Stolen from Christian Bible"

Just for your interest. 

This  type of free and open discussion is only possible among people who are accustomed to observing detailed debate and critical thinking. 

Are we ready yet for this type of discourse? Are you ready yet, kekawan?

This is outside the comfort zone. Outside the "safe zone".  

This is a website maintained overseas. Not Malaysian. 

What is also interesting is the advertisement "Quromantic Matrimonials for Quranic Muslims".  Obviously there is a large and growing community of Muslims who have found new faith in the Quran.  The numbers are indeed growing, especially in other countries. Enough to sustain a 'Quranic Muslims Matrimonials'.

May ye all go forth and multiply. 

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