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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

PAS should put flood victims before Act 355 rally

YOURSAY | ‘This is surely a case of a political party not knowing its priorities.’
Anonymous #44199885: In a democracy, it is fine for all to have their say, as long as they do not incite or promote violence.
If PAS wants to have a rally for amendments to Act 355, it should be permitted to do so, even though I see no purpose in having a rally to promote a law.
PAS should be more concerned with dealing effectively with the various problems and poverty in Kelantan and Terengganu. This is surely a case of a political party not knowing its priorities.
If you want to mix with BN and Umno, at least learn the good things from them (like helping the flood victims).
MacMac: MCA says they are 'not objecting to their right to hold a gathering'. So rallies are only undemocratic for Bersih?
6th Generation Immigrant: When Bersih holds a rally, their objectives are noble and it was in aid of king, people and country.
The highest turnout at Bersih's rallies was estimated at 250,000 people, even then many questions were raised concerning the real turnout.
PAS' Act 355 objectives are meant only for a certain section of people; it does not sit well with many as it conflicts with civil laws and it is also questioned not only by non-Muslims, but many Muslims as well.
PAS' target is 300,000 participants. It's a test of support from Malaysians for PAS and perhaps Umno without its component parties, so why not?
This is democracy at its best to be tested. Let PAS hold this rally (without similar red shirt groups to stir up sentiments).
However, Malaysia will have an answer to the long-debated hudud episode. It shall signal a move forward or the shelving of PAS/Umno’s intentions.
The timing is also perfect - floods, the Goods & Services Tax (GST), inflation, kleptocracy, abuse of law and power, student dissent, mismanagement, corruption, etc.
Priorities will guide the rakyat in their eventual participation in PAS' rally.
Ramon Nasrani: PAS should not be a political party. They should place their people in the mosques and surau and promote Islam there.
Malaysia is a multiracial country and Act 355 is not acceptable even to many Muslims in Malaysia. What more, the non-Muslims.
Sinner: What a stupid argument they make in favour of stiffer punishments. It's just like asking girls not to leave their homes because they may whip up some men's sexual drive.
SusahKes: Don't worry about MCA's complaints, PAS and Umno. Just one ‘gertak’ from its Umno bosses, and MCA will slip back into its "we-are-one-big-happy-family" mode.
These MCA leaders are just play acting.
SAM98: This hudud nonsense is all about self-preservation for PAS. They know very well how poor their governance track record is, and how many Malays have been turned off by their racist rants and bigotry.
PAS also knows the non-Malays are going to reject them in the next general election.
Anakraja: PAS in Malaysia is styled like the Taliban. There is no welfare for Muslims, and women are not treated with respect, whatever the age, young and old.
PAS is interested in backdated laws, and their Taliban mentality is not for Malaysians.
What do they have to say of the nation's economy – nothing. Has PAS at any time talked about strengthening the ringgit?
Nothing constructive has been done for the Kelantan (where it rules) and Terengganu (where it once ruled), where the poor people suffer.
Anonymous #44199885: PAS is simply not fit to govern. Neither BN nor Pakatan Harapan should bother with them, whose only concern is with the afterlife and not with the present life of the people of Kelantan.
Instead of putting all their energies, resources and time to alleviate the problems faced by the people of Kelantan including alleviating poverty, all they seem to be interested in is the promotion of religious laws.
BN and Pakatan Harapan, which do promote religion, also do work hard to put in place and implement policies to make the rakyat's lot better.
We should never vote for PAS. They do not have the skills nor the knowledge to lead this nation.
Worldly Wise: PAS is unable to show that increased fines and heavier imprisonment for breaching religious taboos will enhance living standards of Muslims and improve their integrity, compassion and bring about justice for all.
When non-Muslims are required to put up with and live alongside such a law for Muslims, the laws become divisive.
PAS must concentrate on provisions in the holy scripture which are universally acceptable. This will improve the lot of Muslims.
Ahbengkia: My mother taught me from young, don't talk too much with nincompoops, for you may become one.- Mkini

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