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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Woman in viral video ‘faking’ blindess holds valid OKU card

JB welfare department officer says woman's right eye is completely blind while the left eye can only detect bright colours.
JOHOR BAHRU: The 43-year-old woman who was selling tissues allegedly pretending to be blind, and whose antics that were caught on video went viral on social media recently, is indeed the owner of a valid ‘Person With Disability’ (OKU) card.
Johor Bahru Social Welfare Department officer Manayi Ibrahim said the woman’s right eye was completely blind while the left eye could only detect bright colours.
She said the woman had come to her office at 10am yesterday with two of her five children.
“During the meeting, they said they were disappointed with the picture spread on social media,” she said in a statement here.
Manayi said the department also advised the lady to find a suitable job, besides telling her to renew her outdated card.
Commenting on the video which showed the woman depositing some RM14,000 at a bank counter, Manayi said the lady informed that the money belonged to fellow tissue sellers who had handed her the money to be deposited. -FMT

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