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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ringgit/US$ To Hit RM5.38 By 2020 ?

Someone sent me this. Thank you. Here is a website that does currency forecasts :

Here is their forecast for the Ringgit : 

My comments :  I recall my finance professor saying that forecasts up to 12 months ahead are fairly reliable. More than one year ahead is guessing already.

The Ringgit / Dollar hitting RM4.70 by year's end is no rocket science. It already touched RM4.50.  

The question is what if MO1 disappears from the scene? I think the above charts have to be redone very quickly.

Firstly the obvious criminal aspects of MO1's presence and that of his band of thieves will also disappear. That by itself will inject significant confidence into the Malaysian economy and hence the Ringgit.

Then secondly the absence of the incompetence and damning stupidity of the MO1 team will also give great hope for the future.

The fact that thievery and massive bungling in managing the country comes to an end (hopefully) will all lend tremendous positives to the economy and the country.

That by itself will make the Ringgit bounce back.

We have to aim for parity with the US Dollar and beyond. Sounds too ambitious but it is not impossible. 

There is always room at the top. Because so few sit at the top.   We have to push for the top.

Our currency can reach parity with the US Dollar if our people do as the American people do. 

This can happen if  Kak Chum in Jongok Batu (somewhere in Terengganu) can catch the Bloomberg financial news and profit from it.  Or Selvam in Sungei Siput appears in Top 10 Inventions on Discovery Channel. 

All this can be done.  We have to focus.  

The glory and the praise must be reserved for the maximum number of people. 

How do we go about doing this? We need the Rangers. Rangers are the people who keep things in line, who see that things get done. 

Who will say,

"We are the Rangers. We are they who give to glory" (37:165 - 166).

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