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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Supernatural twist - MCA 'ghostbuster' attempts to reveal DAP 'demons'

The political enmity between MCA and DAP, which intensifies whenever an election is around the corner, has now taken a supernatural twist as well.
China Press reported that an MCA member yesterday whipped out a “Bagua” mirror, or eight trigrams mirror, in a bid to expose the “demons” within three DAP state assemblypersons.
The incident took place during a briefing by the Plentong Chinese Cemetery Committee and Plentong Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) .
The briefing was held to resolve issues related to the Plentong cemetery, which is slated to be converted into a Muslim cemetery under the Draft District Local Plan for Johor Bharu and Kulai 2025.
DAP Johor Jaya assemblyperson Liow Cai Tung, who was invited to the briefing, attended with her colleagues, Senai assemblyperson Wong Shu Qi and Pekan Nanas assemblyperson Yeo Tung Siong.
Tempers flared during the meeting at a coffee shop when Plentong Chinese Cemetery Committee chairperson Chan San San, who is also a Johor Bahru MCA councillor, accused Liow of neglecting her duties.
Another MCA Johor Bahru councillor, Tan Tuan Peng, also trained his guns on the DAP assemblyperson.
Liow's colleagues then demanded that the microphone be handed to her in order for her to explain the issue, and it was reported that they had attempted to snatch the microphone from Tan.
At this juncture, an MCA member took out the “Bagua” mirror and pointed it in the direction of the DAP trio.
It was reported that the move angered some of the villagers present, while the DAP representatives, who were frustrated with being unable to speak at the briefing, left the premises.
Contacted later, Pasir Gudang MCA division chairperson Tan Cher Puk, who arrived towards the end of the briefing, said the focus should be on the cemetery's fate and not the squabble between MCA and DAP.
However, Tan went on to accuse DAP of misleading the public by claiming the master plan had been approved by the state government.
"In fact, there is a two-month objection period. The cemetery committee has objected (to the proposal to turn the Chinese cemetery into a Muslim cemetery)," he added.
Asked about the mirror fiasco, Tan described it as the personal action of the particular MCA member.
Meanwhile, DAP's Wong said the Johor Bahru City Council, which oversees the Plentong area, should first pass the draft plan before displaying it for objection.
"This is the procedure at other local authorities," Wong told Malaysiakini.- Mkini

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