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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

China To Take Out Kim Jong UN? Assisted By US, Russia, South Korea, Japan ?

Something serious is cooking over North Korea. All the planets and all the stars are lined up against them.

Beijing called for talks on North Korea 
to rein in Kim Jong Un 
concerns North Korea’s nuclear program 

China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi met Trump Mon
highest-level contact since election 
meeting follows call between Yang, Rex Tillerson last week 
to “address threat North Korea poses to regional stability.”

positive for U.S. leader to meet China’s top diplomat
meeting signals open communications with White House 
opportunity to talk on national security

Yang met Trump, VP Mike Pence and adviser Jared Kushner
had separate talks with H.R. McMaster, national security chief
and chief strategist Steve Bannon, Xinhua reported. 

Reps of U.S, Japan, South Korea met in Washington Mon to discuss situation

last week China banned coal imports from North Korea

North Korea accused China of tying itself to U.S. chariot
China turning into arrogant pawn of Washington 

this month, Trump told Xi he respects One-China policy

My comments : There has been  a flurry of meetings between China, the US, and Russia over North Korea in the past few weeks, even before  the assassination of Kim Jong Nam at the KLIA on 13th February 2017.

I believe the Chinese are planning something "big" against North Korean madman Kim Jong Un.   

My view is the North Koreans killed Kim Jong Num as a "warning" to China that they know what the Chinese are up to.   

The Chinese banned the import of coal from North Korea almost immediately after the assassination. Since the export of coal to China is about the single largest source of export revenue for North Korea, the Chinese ban will hurt very badly.

Top Chinese foreign negotiator Yang Jie Chi met Donald Trump on Monday. The meeting came about after a phone call from Yang to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last week. Meaning the meeting was arranged urgently without any banners and trumpets.  Why so urgent?

On Monday Yang met Trump, national security adviser Gen HR McMaster, vice president Pence and Trump's special adviser Jared Kushner as well as chief strategist  Steve Bannon. 

On the same Monday, in Washington representativs of U.S, Japan and South Korea met to discuss the situation. The subject must be North Korea.

To digress, the foreign news says that the Malaysian autopsy has shown that Kim Jong Nam was killed using the extremely poisonous VX nerve agent. This was among the gases used by the Nazis to kill people in gas chambers. The VX was administered in 'liquid form' by wiping a wet cloth or something on Kim Jong Nam's face.

This shows the totally insane, irrational and irresponsible behaviour of the North Koreans, that they would use a weapon of mass destruction like VX nerve agent in a crowded place full of civilians (like the KLIA airport)  not only in a foreign country but in one of the very, very few countries in the world that has been very friendly towards North Korea.  

(This should serve as a lesson to the 'kabilah DNA bahalol' - serves you right. Why are you so stupid to suck up to these types of mad people? What did you get? Like sucking up to the Saudis, to Zakir Naik, to the ISIS supporting countries etc? What do you get? Nothing but trouble.)

China may take out Kim Jong Un by force. Bullet to the head seems possible. Meaning China has fully infiltrated the North Korean security apparatus. I will not be surprised at all.

If it happens it will be a major act of cooperation between China, Donald Trump, Putin, Japan and South Korea. 

It will also save face for Trump after that disastrous attack-gone-wrong in Yemen that cost the life of one US Navy Seal.  Here Trump will let the Chinese take the lead.     

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