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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another Christian Pastor Missing

Another christian pastor and his wife have gone missing, since November 2016. 
The news has gone viral. Someone sent me this message :

"Joshua Hilmi aka Hilmi Mohd Nor is Msian Malay citizen previously arrested under ISA, sued (the govt) and got million $  compensation for false arrest and detention abt 2 yrs ago. He converted to Christianity."

So I searched the Net for Joshua Hilmi and quite a few stories popped up. 

Here is one from Australia :

Malaysian Pastors Are Disappearing: Why Is Our Government Silent?
By Moses Apostaticus -
February 23, 2017

February 13 this year, Pastor Raymond Koh abducted 
abduction by professionals; in less than sixty seconds 
his whereabouts remain unknown.

Police did not inform Susanna of her husband’s abduction. 
She found out 10 hours later when a friend called 

Pastor Raymond not the only Christian abducted recently. 
Pastor Joshua Hilmy, former Muslim missing on Nov 30, 2016.

He had received threatening phone calls before his disappearance
His car also missing, his family have no idea of his whereabouts

Religious and racial discrimination commonplace in Malaysia
around the world, Muslim chauvinism getting bolder and more violent. 
Wahhabi fundamentalism, funded by Saudi Arabia, is growing exponentially 

Malaysia was leading hope for South East Asia, to First World status. 
Those days are now long gone. 
oil revenues drying up, 
lavish welfare state to benefit Malay majority bankrupting country. 
conditions worsen in the country
slide toward Third World status to accelerate.


My comments :  This is very bad news.  
Two christian pastors have gone missing. 
Even the Australians are talking about it.

Both these pastors were 'associated' with (or accused of) converting Malays / Muslims to christianity. Joshua Hilmy was once a Muslim himself.

You cannot blame people, especially Christians, if they feel that there is an organised group going around abducting these christian pastors.

A Police report has been made about Hilmy's disappearance but the response from the Police is disappointing. 

The Police say that the complainant does not know Hilmy's address, phone number etc.

What does a person's correct address, correct phone number, correct weight, height, etc have to do with a situation where that person could really have been abducted?

Police boleh faham ke?  

Ok si pengadu tak tahu alamat, nombor telefon, nombor KP, tinggi, berat badan etc orang yang disyaki diculik. Tetapi lets say orang itu memang sudah diculik.  Habis apa reaksi Polis?  

Tak payah siasat? Sebab tidak ada alamat si mangsa?

Not only Hilmy is missing but also his wife and their car are missing.

Missing from where or from whom?  Missing from his workplace, missing from his friends, his family, his relatives and his house.

His wife must have family and relatives as well.

Joshua Hilmy's missing car  seems to tally with the Pastor Koh abduction. Pastor Koh's car is also missing.

In fact the MO (modus operandi) seems quite clear. 

They abduct the victims with their cars to delay suspicions that they have been abducted. 

And if they abduct the victim, the wife and the car it delays suspicions even longer. 

The Police can say "Maybe they drove away together for a long holiday?"

In the case of Joshua Hilmy his disappearance has now gone viral.  
Everyone is talking about it. 
If he was alive and free surely he would have responded by now.

"I am fine. My wife and I (and our car) are all safe".  But he has not done so.

So where is Josua Hilmy?

Some people are unhappy when news reports said that the Koh abduction was done with "military precision", as though the military was being blamed.   This is the result of not knowing the English language. 

In contemporary English,  the words "military precision" imply that something is done in an organised and deliberate manner.  Here is the Longman's Dictionary of Contemporary English. 

This group appears to be targetting christian pastors who they believe are involved in converting Malays to christianity.  Or Malays who have converted to christianity.

They also appear to be targetting those who are very public.  

The fact that no ransom has been demanded implies that the money required to carry out the abduction, to assemble three SUVs, two cars, two motorbikes, a cameraman and at least 15 other abductors  must have come from some funder with deep pockets.    The money funders  are being driven by ideology.

And there is possibly more money to fund more abductions.  Funded by some very sick terror ideology. ISIS comes to mind but these people could be other than ISIS.  The Salafi ideology is well suited for this type of violent behaviour.

Money also comes with KPIs  (Key Performance Indicators).   To keep the funds flowing (say from foreign funders) there must be more abductions. 

If they run out of christian pastors converting Malays, they may look for other targets. Muslim LGBT activists, women's rights activists or any one whom they feel will fulfil their ideological needs (for elimination). And also to keep the funds coming. 

That is how a lot of these ISIS terrorists function - for money. 
The sickos pay them and they will create chaos and havoc.   

In conclusion I am puzzled why the Police have no leads on the abduction of Pastor Koh and now Joshua Hilmy.  

It will be gross incompetence if the Police cannot locate THREE black SUVs that were driven in formation and captured so clearly on CCTVs. The vehicles must have passed numerous CCTVs at the traffic light junctions, along KL's roads, the toll gates etc. 


  1. BTW, the picture at the top of this article, is it the real Hilmy Mohd Nor picture.? Can anyone confirm on this.

  2. Rupanya suspek penculik pastor koh adalah org cina. Betul2 double standard news dr aussie.

  3. Rupanya suspek penculik pastor koh adalah org cina. Betul2 double standard news dr aussie.