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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Babysitter confronts bigoted parent who doesn’t want Malay or Indian men around child due to “sex abuse”

Photo: Pixabay: Baby and family© Pixabay Baby and family

Oh well, here we go again — another case of casual racism with the bonus element of said racist being oblivious to his/her own bigotry.
Some context first. A babysitter-for-hire had the unfortunate brush with a parent who prefers to have those of Chinese descent take care of his/her 38-week-old child for five days a week.
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That would have been fine if it was left at that. Though the parent is being discriminating, we all have our own reasons why we have preferences when it comes to choosing a caretaker.
But no, the parent just had to go in depth into why she doesn’t like Malay men around children. Apparently, it’s because the parent deems Malay men as sexual fiends. The babysitter was having none of the racist sentiments (you say it, girl), and made it clear.
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The parent took offence to being called a racist, and even told the babysitter not to “judge a book by its cover, thanks”. The weight of irony here is so massive it could have created a black hole. Instead of questioning his/her own beliefs, the parent took issue with the babysitter’s texting speed.
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The parent just had to go in again and explain why his/her racism was justified. The babysitter’s reply was straight up fire, though. Firm and rational, but totally laying down the burn.
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‘Tis a pretty sad situation, but again, not at all surprising. The race card is still dealt pretty regularly, no matter how many racial harmony days are held.
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