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Friday, March 17, 2017

Dr M's message to voters: Show BN the exit if you love Malaysia

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has urged all Malaysians who love this nation to change the government in the next general election.
Mahathir, who is now chairperson of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), said his party leaders and those in the opposition have the experience and capabilities to administer, develop and rescue Malaysia.
He said these leaders can administer the nation in a proper manner as well as deflect the current negative perception of other countries towards Malaysia.
“Our intention is to rehabilitate this blessed land.
“So we need the support of the people who love their race (bangsa)... There is only one way to do this, which is through the election. So we should change the government in GE14.
“If I, who was once president of Umno, could leave the party, we hope the people who love Malaysia would do the same,” Mahathir is quoted as saying by Sinar Harian today.
Mahathir said this in his speech at Pekan Ajil in Terengganu last night.
Also present were Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin and Mahathir's son Mukhriz, who is the party's deputy president.
In another development, PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution told Sinar Harian that Pakatan Harapan would hold a meeting to discuss Mahathir's suggestions.
On Tuesday, Mahathir announced Bersatu's intention of joining Harapan, but suggested that the coalition's name be changed.

He also wants a new logo, symbol and manifesto to be created before the next general election.
“Opposition leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has called on all quarters in Haparan to hold a meeting. It would be attended by the entire leadership. The meeting would be held soon,” said Saifuddin.
The former prime minister's suggestion prompted a portal aligned with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to accuse Mahathir of wanting to hijack Harapan.- Mkini

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