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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Equinox phenomenon? Yes, but don’t expect heat wave

Weather man says a slight hike in temperature is expected but it won't be as bad as spread over social media.
malaysia-meterologi-heatKUALA LUMPUR: The Meteorological Department of Malaysia has refuted news on the Equinox phenomenon, which was viralled on social sites.
The department, in a statement today, said a hike in temperature was expected to take place but would not result in a heat wave like the phenomenon.
The Equinox phenomenon is an astronomical phenomenon which takes place twice a year on March 20 and Sept 23 when the sun crosses the equator.
According to the statement, during the period, when the sun is positioned on top of the equatorial region and nearby areas, a slight temperature rise occurs if there is no cloud cover.
The public have been urged to get accurate information from the department’s website at www.met.gov.my, myCuaca mobile application, Facebook: malaysiamet, Twitter @malaysianment or MetMalaysia, and by contacting MetMalaysia hotline at 1300221638. FMT

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