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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gov’t servants with SPM an indictment of our education policies

YOURSAY | ‘A case of quantity over quality. But unfortunately, deadwood is very difficult to get rid of.’
Clever Voter: It’s depressing to read about the statistics (that half a million government servants joined the civil service with SPM certificates or lower).
Having spent billions on tertiary education, thousands at SPM level at today’s standards are no better than imported labour. They should be trained in vocational skills if they do not have access to universities.
The comfort and job security at government offices will be damaging in the long term. But it could well work to the advantage of BN.
Many stand to be employable if they have technical skills, plus being self-employed. It is therefore very irresponsible of politicians to pursue self-serving policies.
No wonder Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) comes in handy. To support them, the government has to find money, create wealth or borrow, or tax more.
This is another reason why this government has failed, or worse, is doing much injustice long-term to under-skilled civil servants.
Kingfisher: If the figures are as stated - that over half a million SPM-holders and below entered into the civil service - it is mainly the outcome of the last decade and can be considered a poor reflection of an education environment and policy that is not conducive to engineering human development with adequate knowledge, skills and competency.
There may be legitimate socio-economic persuasion as to why the young rush into gainful employment at such an impressionable age, notwithstanding the inherent disadvantage in this decision that tends to restrict further scope for their formal education and training.
A dynamic policy enabling the extension of these youth in education and training programmes for an additional three to five years would have enabled them to get a more wholesome basket of competencies for productive employment.
Elders in policy-making should be alert to the fact that in an aspiring nation, any inadequacies in education would give rise to an unproductive and a disgruntled population in the long term.
CQ Muar: Does this come as a surprise to anybody? It is well-known that those being hired in the public sector or civil service are far below par.
Many of them are seemingly unable to discharge a satisfactory job, and many more are said to be incapable of communicating in simple English. This certainly reflects poorly for a country aiming to be a developed nation in 2020.
The bottom line is, how can we expect our level of competency to be of a higher standard when the majority have been hired supposedly due to cronyism; one way or another, those being employed are family members or related in some way.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman Said has raised a pertinent reality, but a fair question to raise is can she rectify the situation?
Wira: I have lost several employees to the public service sector, and they definitely did not join because of pay. The employees in the public sector enjoy better prestige because banks and finance companies are willing to lend them more.
One of them told me that although her present job was paying more, she could only afford a Perodua now, whereas she would be driving a Toyota Vios after she joined government service.
Anonymous 2413201460529218: As long as employment into the civil service and other related services are seemingly done not on merit, as a nation we will be screwed.
The private sector, which is the most productive sector, will be handicapped and productivity as a whole will be adversely affected. Employment ought not take into account race or faith, but rather who can best serve the nation.
In any event, Islam forbids discrimination on the basis of race but this is ignored by those in power as it serves as their vote bank.
Anonymous_4020: To be fair to the civil servants, the government had implied giving a job for life and has now apparently reneged on its promise.
Where do you expect a SPM or lower qualification holder to go if he or she were retrenched?
Drngsc: I think Azalina may possibly be not telling the whole truth. We have 1.6 million civil servants. Only 0.5 million with SPM and below? It looks to me more like one million.
Whenever you visit a government department, one can only truly communicate with the officers sitting in their rooms. If you wish to retain your sanity, do not try talking to the counter staff.
If what you need is straightforward, you may get by. But if it requires some thinking, forget it. Go look for the officer in charge.
These 60 percent are there on our taxpayers’ money, to supposedly be Umno’s vote bank.
Anakraja: Most of the SPM holders apparently cannot think out of the box. When you go to a department you see one homogeneous society. How does the government expect these people to perform in giving excellent service?
Blame no one, the education system is apparently keeping them below standard. Just go and see the how clean are the toilets. From this, one can judge the standard of government administration.
Ex-PJ: This is a case of quantity over quality. But unfortunately, deadwood is very difficult to get rid of.
Anonymous_1404802125: Those with a Malaysian Certificate of Education or MCE (the equivalent of the SPM examination in English) can probably outperform the present-day degree-holders. God bless our nation.
Headhunter: Now we know why the public service is in such dire straits and so apparently overstaffed. I wonder if probably at least four persons are needed to change a lightbulb?

Anonymous_1401778660: In the foreseeable future, Indonesia will be able to provide employment for thousands of SPM or less holders to work as maids, construction workers, gardeners and factory workers.- Mkini


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