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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Najib continues father's legacy at 1Razak Mansion

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak continues to further the legacy of his late father at the newly-redeveloped 1Razak Mansion. 
"The old Razak Mansion, which was launched by my late father (former prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein) 50 years ago, exactly on 26 April 1967, we can see (each unit) used to be around 399 to 504 square feet. 
"Today, they have received a new unit that is 800 square feet," Najib said at the key-handing ceremony for the 1Razak Mansion in Sungai Besi today. 
The 1Razak Mansion, which was formerly known as Public Housing Razak Mansion, was first launched by Najib's father, then deputy prime minister Abdul Razak. 

Najib had launched the redevelopment of 1Razak Mansion back in April 2014. 
In his speech today, he said each unit here is worth no less than RM350,000 when it was previously worth around RM60,000 to RM80,000 only. 
He also congratulated the developer for successfully completing the project nine months ahead of schedule. 
This project was only made possible through the public private partnership where the government cooperated with a private developer, he said.
"I am glad that the residents accepted the idea well. 
"They didn't protest. They didn't bring this matter to court," Najib said. -Mkini

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