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Friday, March 17, 2017


Raja Sara Petra
Tony Pua is yet again whining about 1MDB and, as usual, Sarawak Report immediately picked up what Tony said and used it as a ‘quote’. That is their normal modus operandi. Tony will throw the ball into the air and Sarawak Report will ‘smash’ the ball and write its report as if Tony’s statement is the evidence of wrongdoing.
Tony should learn from what the Russians said soon after the downing of Korean Airlines KAL007. The Russians said the world has a memory of just 100 days. If you want to make an impact action has to be taken within those 100 days. It is now more than 800 days since Khairuddin Abu Hassan made his police report against 1MDB and the 1MDB story is past due date.
Tony somehow has the impression that elections can be won or lost on single issues. If that is what he thinks then Tony is still wet behind the ears. Humans by nature are selfish. Their decisions are always made on the basis of what’s in it for me. And this is going to be foremost in the minds of the voters when they go to the polling booth in the next general election.
The voters will be more concerned about their future and about how the government is going to take care of and guarantee their future. Barisan Nasional will need to lay out its plans for the future and convince the voters on how their future is bright and protected under the present government. Pakatan Harapan cannot even decide what their plans for themselves are, let alone what their plans for the country are.
The 1MDB issue is merely a distraction. Pakatan Harapan is unable to tell Malaysians what they will do if they become the government. So they distract us by talking about matters that have no bearing on our future. Is Tony saying if there was no 1MDB Malaysia’s roads would have been paved in gold? The opposition’s strategy to win votes is to make the voters hate the government. And this is what the 1MDB campaign is really all about: a hate campaign.

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