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Monday, March 20, 2017

‘Superman’ arrested over ‘Beauty and the Beast’ FB posting

Superman Hew to be brought by police to Johor to be interrogated.
Hew-Kuan-YauGEORGE TOWN: Former DAP member Hew Kuan Yau has been arrested for his Facebook post comparing the prime minister and wife to the Disney characters in Beauty and the Beast.
Comic Cultural Museum manager Raymond Chong said Hew was arrested by three plainclothes policemen at the museum’s outlet in Komtar at 1.20pm.
Hew is curator of the museum.
“The policemen then came to his office, saying a person in Johor had lodged a police report against his FB post.
“He was then led away to the Patani Road police station,” Chong said when contacted
According to Chong, Hew was also told by policemen that he would be brought to the Johor Jaya police station in Johor to be processed, as the originating report was made there.
Hew is currently at the Patani Road police station, where lawyer RSN Rayer is representing him.
In Hew’s FB posting on March 13, he put up a poster of the new remake of the Beauty and the Beast movie and Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife in a collage, accompanied with the words: “看不到beauty and the beast, 就看Jibbie and the b****h吧!”
It was publicly posted and shared some 5,000 times on FB, with nearly 700 comments posted.
Hew has been given a “Superman” moniker by his friends as he was often seen in a Superman T-shirt. He was best known for stirring alleged racial issues in a ceramah during the Sarawak state election.
Due to immense criticism, the former Teluk Intan DAP chief then left the party, saying he wanted to focus on his comic museum.
Penang police confirmed the arrest. -FMT


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