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Sunday, March 19, 2017

When MO1 talks about corruption in Malaysia...

YOURSAY | ‘Had it not been for 'the donation', M'sia would probably climb 45 spots on TI’s index.’
CQ Muar: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak - so you now finally concede, in a way, that we are "only" at the 55th spot out of 176 countries. Well, not too bad, eh, according to you? What a successful and wonderful PM we have!
Of course, in terms of position, needless to say you are top in the hierarchy as the prime minister. For what you did to the nation since you led as PM, and your role in the 1MDB affair, among others, hats off to you. Hooray!
Anonymous 2449671483368245: Making public the auditor-general's report on 1MDB and carrying out a complete and proper investigation of the whole affair would certainly do wonders to our corruption perception index ranking.
Is the government willing to do that?
Leonie: Had it not been for "the donation", Malaysia would probably climb up 45 spots. You are shooting yourself in the foot again. No wonder you don't do debates.
SusahKes: Who is it that is giving Malaysia a bad name? Sigh, we have to endure another self-pampering analysis from Malaysian Official 1 (MO1).
I get it. Sometimes, you just want the mirror to tell you that you are the best looking in town.
Ghostwhowalks: And when 1MDB loses billions and China came to the rescue, it is called​ patriotism, am I correct?
Anonymous 444981488553970: Why does Singapore, our neighbour, rank much higher in the corruption index? They don't have Islamic laws or Act 355.
Yet they have a cleaner government. They even have better roads and drains. Why?
Victor Johan: The prime minister makes all these statements and accusations in the latest entry on his blog. He wrote that he was perplexed by a former national leader who was running down the country with news that were not true at all.
We know he specifically meant Dr Mahathir Mohamad. We all know Dr M is attempting to unify a strong and cohesive opposition to oust Najib and his Umno-BN government. Mahathir is working with the formidable Pakatan Harapan coalition parties to save Malaysians from the tyranny.
Najib Razak, why don't you have the courage and be man enough to meet Mahathir or any Pakatan Harapan-Bersatu leadership at an open debate or forum instead of merely attacking through your blog or to a staged audience at those government functions?
Dont Just Talk: This fellow thought up lots of tricks up his sleeves but ended up with nothing to show, other that capitalising on his late father former PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat's fame.
6th Generation Immigrant: A son who was riding on his father's fame and integrity is being oozed out into his proper place and position, which is nowhere.
For people who use God and religion to achieve aims, surely God works in mysterious ways to bring decorum back to his religion.
Anonymous #70881335: His father's shoes are too big for him to fill. Apart from being his father's son, what other qualifications has he got?
This is what worries me about PAS. Maybe, they should all go and get a 9-to-5pm job, and see how we all live. Professional politicians are detrimental to society.
CCH: We should not have any problem for Islamic leaders to propagate Islam as long as they also be responsible for the welfare of non-Muslims and treat others justly, based on the rule of law.
When a son deviates from his father's principles, Nik Abduh should not have the support of others that believed in his dad's teaching.
It will be hard for PAS to continue relying on religion to gain political mileage all over Malaysia. We should always separate politics from religion, but that doesn't mean leaders cannot be a religious scholar.
Thickskin: I wish those PAS politicians will stop saying that they will work for Islam. Those who are elected represent all their constituents and should be working for all Malaysians, not just Muslims.

If they only work for Islam, can they expect non-Muslims to vote and support them?-Mkini

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