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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

AG, declassify 1MDB audit if you have nothing to hide

YOURSAY | ‘Confound not truth with falsehood, nor knowingly conceal the truth (Quran 2:42).’  
Anonymous 2475871497500343: Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali has dismissed former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's accusation of concealing evidence of wrongdoing in the 1MDB scandal, saying that whatever he has done has been based on the available facts and that there is “nothing to hide”.
He also said that he does not fear anyone, including Mahathir, and only fears Allah.
Apandi, we don't care whether you fear anything or not. We just want to see with our own eyes those documents to prove the Arab donor did indeed wire the “681 American Pies” to PM Najib Razak.
Did you look into the auditor-general’s report which was gazetted as a document under the Official Secrets Act (OSA)?
Why didn't you liaise with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on the matter of malicious accusations towards Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and his wife for allegedly stealing money from 1MDB?
If you can tolerate those kinds of insults towards our country without repudiating their claims, I can't see any dignity or honour in you.
Bluemountains: Apandi said whatever he does is based on available facts and there is nothing to hide.
Based on my understanding of his statement, he has evidence that US$681 million found in Najib's bank accounts was donated by an Arab prince and that US$620 million has been subsequently returned to the donor.
Based on such evidence, Apandi had cleared Najib of any wrongdoing. Then, why is Apandi still not willing to show us the evidence he has if there is nothing to hide?
Odin Tajué: Apandi, one can understand why you do not, for this moment, fear anyone, including Mahathir.
Who can do anything to you? It is obvious to anyone with even a modicum of intellect that you are one-third of the triumvirate lording over the 'kakistocratically-governed' Malaysia.
But you are only exhibiting a false bravado. When Pakatan Harapan takes over, that is the time when you will wet your trousers, shiver uncontrollably with fear, and have many a sleepless night until after you have been put on the stand and cross-examined.
You, Apandi, are complicit in the attempt to cover up the astronomical theft from 1MDB and SRC International as evidenced by, among other factors, your refusal to cooperate with the Swiss attorney-general, your mere claim of the US$681 million transferred into Najib’s personal bank accounts having been donated by the Saudi royal family but without providing any legitimate documentary evidence to support it, and blithely brushing aside the DOJ’s court filings as a politically-motivated action.
You are reminded that the authorities in several other jurisdictions besides the US have taken the appropriate action against various parties involved in the laundering of money allegedly siphoned off 1MDB, and are continuing to unearth more filthy evidence.
Your incredulous assertion that no wrongdoing has been perpetrated by persons connected directly or indirectly to the allegedly greatest larceny ever witnessed is another ample proof of your complicity.
You have betrayed millions of your decent, hard-working Malaysians suffering under the onerous yoke of your 'kakistrocatic' government.
Anonymous_1421806811: If Apandi truly fears Allah, then he should be reminded of this verse in the Quran, "Confound not truth with falsehood, nor knowingly conceal the truth" (Quran 2:42).
If he truly has nothing to hide and can prove he is not concealing the truth, all he needs to do is make public the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) reports and prove Najib is truly innocent.
Slumdog: Where have I heard the words “nothing to hide” before? Unfortunately, Apandi’s definition of “available facts” is very different from the rakyat’s and the Oxford Dictionary.
Apandi is just showing signs of bravado. If I were Apandi, I would be scared, very scared of Mahathir’s allegations.
Gerard Lourdesamy: If what you say is true, Apandi, then declassify the investigation papers and the auditor-general’s report and let the public decide what is the truth and what are lies.
In fact, the government should table a white paper in Parliament to discuss 1MDB and SRC International based on the auditor-general's report.
Since the DOJ has filed several civil suits that are quasi-criminal in nature under US law, and there is ample evidence of deception, fraud, breach of trust, corruption and money laundering that contradicts the attorney-general's findings, wouldn't it make sense to declassify the documents so that there can be public debate and scrutiny by the local and foreign media?
But Harapan is right to make it clear that a royal commission of inquiry will be formed to investigate 1MDB.
It is time that prosecutorial powers be vested in an independent director of public prosecutions to be appointed by the Agong and subject to oversight by Parliament.
As for corruption offences, the MACC must be given full prosecutorial powers independent of the attorney-general and the director of public prosecutions.
Rupert16: Indeed, if Apandi has nothing to hide, why have the auditor-general’s report and that of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on 1MDB been placed under the OSA? Why were the investigations into 1MDB stopped the moment he became the attorney-general?
Why did he refuse to cooperate with the Swiss attorney-general when assistance was asked of him on two occasions? Why did he not reopen the investigations after the DOJ filed the money-laundering suits against Jho Low and others?
Why was the investigation not reopened after the court judgment against bankers in Singapore and against the banks in Switzerland that were involved in the 1MDB controversy?
Lastly, why has Jho Low not been investigated and arrested?
Kingfisher: Mahathir has, it seems, good reasons in suggesting that Apandi might be called up to explain his exoneration of Najib.
Apandi, however, is also within reason to state that he had acted consistently with the evidence presented to him then, as it appears now that, in the light of extensive revelations regarding alleged criminal activities in 1MDB operations, Apandi 's confidence in his uprightness and his absence of any fear of any wrongdoing is now being countermanded by a public sense of diffidence in respect to equity in the due process of investigation and adjudication.
Apandi's satisfaction has led to the people's dissatisfaction, as it seems now from the suggestion of Mahathir.
There is therefore no harm whatsoever, unless it is proscribed by law, to introduce a healthy and non-belligerent effort to either reassert the truth, or ascertain a fresh one in the interest of conclusive and convincing clarity and especially for the primacy of the rule of law.
Ferdtan: Apandi, you better fear the wrath of the people if Harapan were to win Putrajaya. Mahathir had fired the first shot by warning you that the new government will summon you for your action (or non-action) in the 1MBD scandal.

This is also a warning to all top guns of other institutions that they are not immune to possible charges of abuse of power.- Mkini

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