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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

India Batal Paspot Zakir Naik : Zahid Tolong Bagi Zakir Naik Naik Satu Yacht Dengan JoLo.

Here is more Zakir Naik news. The wheels of justice do keep turning. Tick tock, tick tock.

India revoked passport of Zakir Naik 
ignored requests to be present before National Investigation Agency (NIA)

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) acted on request by NIA
probing Zakir over terrorism and money laundering.
accused of spreading hatred, funding terrorists and money laundering.

banned from Canada, UK
welcomed by Malaysia, where he enjoys permanent residency

Zakir fled India in July 2016 
after Bangla terrorists claimed inspired by him on jihad
His current whereabouts are unknown.
conducted press conference through Skype from Saudi Arabia.
Zakir received citizenship from 10 countries, not taken up any offer yet

My comments :   

This part really hurts :  " welcomed by Malaysia, where he enjoys permanent residency". . . . . The land where the Stupids live.

Zakir claims to have been offered citizenship in 10 countries but he has not taken up any offer yet.

Here are the 10 countries and why Zakir has not taken up their citizenship offers :

1. Malaysia, the corrupted kleptocracy may not last long. Zakir will be kicked out by a new govt.

2. Pakistan : No thanks. Psycho country. 

3. Afghanistan : No thanks. Too much religion, even for Zakir.

4. Qatar : Are you kidding me. Saudis are going to start bombing soon.

5. Iraq : Saudis are already bombing the South.

6. Libya :  Need bullet proof beard. No way.

7. Saudi Arabia :  This could be the last years of the Saud clan. No way.

8.   Kuwait : what if Iraq invades again? Or Iran? Or Saudi? Or aliens from Mars?

9.  Oman :  Small country. Stable. Saudis dont like them either.

10. UAE :   Too close to Saudi Arabia. And Iran. And Qatar. And Kuwait. Wrong neighborhood.

No one in their right mind will give Zakir Naik citizenship AFTER his passport has been revoked by India. Zakir Naik is still an Indian national.

Saudi Arabia has imposed a blockade against Qatar partly because Qatar gives shelter to terrorist mentors like Yusuf Qardhawi. 

It is therefore unlikely that the Saudis will embarass themselves by giving citizenship to another terrorist mentor like Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik has been in Saudi Arabia since the fasting month.  He will be allowed to remain there for as long as he wishes - like Idi Amin the genocidal dictator from Uganda. With or without Saudi PR or citizenship.

But India has significant clout in the world today - much greater clout than Saudi Arabia.

India is now thick and fast with Israel.
That itself will open many doors.

Saudi Arabia is now very close to Israel.

There is a lot of space on JoLo's private yacht - bought with stolen 1MDB money.        

Lets see how stupid the Kampong Boys are. 




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