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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Turkey (Like Malaysia) Headed To Stone Age

Turkey rolls out new school curriculum — without Darwin

new school curriculum, exclude theory of evolution
Erdogan subverting republic’s secular foundations.

huge step in wrong direction for Turkey’s schools 
an attempt to avoid raising “generations who ask questions”.

Education Minister said no Darwin’s theory until university
it is above students’ level 
evolution not part of school curriculum
evolution rejected by Christian and Muslim creationists

also obliges Turkey's “Imam Hatip” religious schools to teach jihad 
Islamic law and fundamental religion lectures will include jihad

Erdogan spoke of raising “pious generation”.
new curriculum effective 2017-2018 school year

Under Erdogan “Imam Hatip” religious schools grown exponentially
Erdogan attended one such school.
spent his career to bring religion back into public life in Turkey 
cast himself as liberator of pious Turks 

Erdogan rolled back work of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founder of modern Turkey 
Ataturk believed education should be free of religious teachings
new curriculum increased emphasis on Islamic values at expense of Ataturk’s role

Union of Education condemned new curriculum.
new policies ban teaching of evolution 
require all schools to have prayer room
destroy scientific principles of education

changes being made to stamp out dissenting ideas
July 19th, 2017

My comments :  To all those Muslims who support Erdogan, please take a huge thick marker pen and write the following on your forehead :

"This is NOT a Jewish Conspiracy. 
This is our own stupidity. 
We are doing this to ourselves
All by ourselves."

Then using your smartfone etc take a picture of your forehead with the writing as above. Then save that picture, send it to the archives etc for safe keeping. 

Then when you see Turkey and your like minded friends getting into deeper shit, pull out the picture and remind yourself :

"This is NOT a Jewish Conspiracy. This is our own stupidity. We are doing this to ourselves, all by ourselves."


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