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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Salleh, did Najib pay for MRT out of his own pocket?

YOURSAY | 'If billions hadn't been misdirected, we could have had MRTs in more towns...'
CQ Muar: Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak, why did you say the MRT is a gift from PM Najib Razak?
Did Najib pay from his own pocket in order to warrant that statement? If not, then stop exaggerating. There is no need to stoop so low. It is understandable you needed to earn your living, but earn it with a little bit of honour.
Speaking Sense: So, the RM21 billion for the MRT was from Najib's own money? Where did he get the RM21 billion from? Wasn't his donation from the Arabs only a miserable RM2.6 billion?
It's okay for Salleh to be a little stupid as we expect that from Umno ministers. But this stupid?
Korkor: Does that mean we don't need to pay when riding on the MRT?
Franco: What gift? The MRT project is a public undertaking where eventually the rakyat and the commuters will be paying for using its service.
So please don't insult the intelligence of the rakyat by asking us to believe that the Umno/BN government is gifting the rakyat.
Gerard Lourdesamy: It is such arrogance that really annoys the people to the extent of hating their political representatives. It was the taxpayers who funded the MRT construction and not Najib, Umno or the BN.
Salleh needs to shut up. The more he opens his mouth, the more people get angry with the government.
Learn to be humble. Salleh's incessant boot licking of the PM is not going to guarantee him the Sabah chief minister's position.
Chief Minister Musa Aman is not going to give up his golden goose without a fight. Which is great news for Parti Warisan Sabah and its chief Shafie Apdal.
Anonymous 2439891477538802: Only fools would swallow what Salleh says about the MRT being a gift from the PM, because we know it did not come from his private bank account. He obviously can't distinguish between donations and taxpayers' money.
Salleh is not only disingenuous, he is audacious and sounds like a fool.
Tpn: If we use his argument, then KLIA, Twin Towers, Putrajaya, LRT, KL Sentral and many more projects are former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's gift to the people.
Appum: The money used for the MRT is from the people - from the taxes of the people - and the people deserved such facilities a long time ago.
And they would have gotten it long ago if there had been no leakages, corruption, and proper policy management for the nation.
Because we have lost so much from corruption to the tune of billions, all having been misdirected elsewhere, we could have had MRTs in more towns and cities but don't.
Show us, Salleh, where all the money for this recent MRT came from. Don't try to con us again. You can do that to the kampung people and the ignorant, but not to all who know what's happening to this nation.
Basically: Wow, Umno ministers think just doing their job is doing the people a huge favour. We pay your salary and for all government projects. You might spare us the favours and quit your post, if working as a minister is such a chore that we have to be grateful for some effort spent.
Using government money to lure voters is corruption, abuse and an election offence. Go learn from the cases of former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi and former Filipino president Gloria Arroyo's election blunders.
Salleh's remark also reminds me of a sign I saw last month at the roadworks along the horrible Kuala Kangsar coastal road that read, “We are upgrading the road because we care for you” with the 1Malaysia logo.
Because you “care for us”? Widening and repaving the road is your job. You are doing roadworks because of 50 years of neglect and incompetence.
The road is so bad, it's remarkable that it only gets a makeover when elections are due. Please don't insult the people's intelligence, at the very least.
Apunghl: I have really got to give it to these people; they take our money, use it to build something, that is, do their job, and say it their gift to us.
Even if Najib uses his RM2.6 billion to do something, we would eventually still have to pay for it.
Susahkes: Salleh, your government is obligated to build the MRT in the first place, to deliver services from the utilisation of our tax revenue.
In simple terms - I provide you with the funds to complete a mandated assignment, and upon your required delivery, you are now telling me, that I must say “thank you” to you?
Hplooi: Najib is not a god or a king bestowing blessings on his people. The MRT was a natural will of the people who elected you, and which was paid with taxes from the people.
If another party is elected to the highest office, the MRT would still get built, and in all probability, without the cost distortions caused by crony capitalism.
Shunyata: It's always heart-warming to receive a gift from our prime minister that is sponsored by the people.
Oscar Kilo: The difference is that Najib is embroiled in numerous multi-billion-dollar scandals such as 1MDB.
Also, if you read Buletin Mutiara carefully, you would notice that it does not say Gurney Wharf is a gift from Lim Guan Eng.
It just says “... It is a sincere gift to the people of Penang." Meaning that it is a gift from the state government, not from the chief minister personally.
Vijay47: Salleh, I understand that it is your passionate pastime to make comments however unbelievable they may be, on anything the opposition may or may not do.
But what I do not understand is how you, supposedly a minister in Najib's legendary government, can devote all his attention to twiddling with the internet rather than focussing on the responsibilities you are paid for.
Of late you are reflecting a glaring weakness in some of your already limited abilities, an inability to fathom the nuances used in the English language. When Mahathir says short, you take it to mean lacking in height. I wonder what you would make of "falling short"!
Turning to the present issue, the word "gift" seems to bother you. Did Guan Eng ever suggest that Gurney Wharf was financed by him or his party?

A more common appreciation of Guan Eng's comments would be that he was referring to a benefit that the people of Penang had earned for themselves. -Mkini

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