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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Salleh: Preserve the greatness of the Malay diaspora

Preserve the greatness of the Malay diaspora, which is now recognised by the world, to enable the Malays to compete with other races at the international level, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak.He said the Malay race was now capable of becoming "Glocal Malays" to continue to compete and maintain their greatness to avoid a breakup which could eventually lead them to be suppressed in their own country, as happened to other races.

Among the greatness of the Malay diaspora is efficiency, diligence, bravery, boldness, perseverance, hard work and with a big soul, as well as being a Muslim, open-minded and practising the Malay culture and speaking the Malay language.
“As Malays, be grateful for Allah’s gift. Preserve this tradition of greatness so that the Malay race will not be like the people of Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Rohingya, who are being oppressed and suppressed in their own country, ” he said in his post at sskeruak.blogspot.my, today.

Salleh said they were not only suppressed in their own country but were scattered all over the world, such as Australia, Britain, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Surinam, Saudi Arabia, China, Madagascar, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States of America.
He estimated them to be about 500 million or about nine percent of the world population, hence reflecting the Malays as a great race.
- Bernama

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