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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Survey: E-hailing drivers are making less than before

A survey has found that 51 percent of e-hailing service drivers are making less than a year before, according to a survey commissioned by DAP.
Forty percent of respondents said they were unsure whether there was a difference while only three percent believed that they were making more this year.
The survey involved 297 respondents who were recruited to fill in the online questionnaire.
DAP researcher Ong Kiang Ming said that the results of the survey showed that driving for Uber and Grab may not be as lucrative as people think.
The most prominent complaint by respondents, said Ong, was the commission rates charged by the two companies.
"Three-quarters of drivers surveyed feel that the 20 to 25 percent commission rates by Grab and Uber are unfair and more than 60 percent of drivers want the government to regulate the amount of commission which the e-hailing companies can charge," he told a press conference today.
Other findings from the survey, in brief, are:
  • 40 percent of drivers are full-time;
  • 53 percent are driving part-time as a second job;
  • 64 percent of drivers have a least a diploma;
  • 34 percent of drivers are based outside the Klang Valley; and
  • Average monthly wages are approximately RM3,200 (average 2016 income according to Department of Statistic was RM2,463).
Ong and his colleague Liew Chin Tong said that Putrajaya's effort to regulate the e-hailing industry by amending the Land Public Transport Act 2010 and the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act 1987 was a step in the right direction.
However, they urged Putrajaya to ensure that there are discussions with drivers in order to increase their awareness of the legislative amendments.

Efforts must also be made to ensure there will not be a monopoly or oligopoly, while regulating the commission rates companies can charge on drivers.
They also proposed that a tribunal is set up to hear appeals of e-hailing drivers who are subjected to punishment by the companies while ensuring that a level playing field between taxi drivers and e-hailing drivers exists.
"The end goal should be a market whereby taxi drivers, as well as e-hailing drivers, are properly compensated and the taxi companies and e-hailing companies cannot abuse their oligopolistic or monopolistic positions to mistreat the drivers and give passengers a bad service experience," Ong and Liew said in a statement today.- Mkini

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