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Monday, July 17, 2017

Turning traditional taxi drivers into tourist guides

Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz has come up with a proposal for traditional taxi drivers - turn them into tourist guides after going through a designated course.
This is part of his efforts to help these drivers survive the tough competition following the emergence of e-hailing service.
Nazri, who was once the entrepreneur development minister overseeing commercial vehicle licensing matters, described the traditional taxi drivers as his adoptive children and employees.
"Only the Quran we cannot amend; the others can be done by human beings. It is up to me if I want to help the taxi drivers," he told a press conference.
"They can become tourist guides. Those who are interested can undergo a course and we can issue a sticker to certifiy that they have completed the course," he said.
He said he would bring the proposal to the cabinet for discussion sometime this year with the backing of the industry.
"I will assure the cabinet members that this is the best for the traditional taxi drivers," he said when officiating at EzCab's e-hailing apps in Kuala Lumpur today.
He said this course of action would help rebuild public confidence in the traditional taxi drivers.
At the event today, Nazri urged the traditional taxi drivers to gear up by signing up with EzCab.
EzCab, the 20-year-old home-grown taxi service operator, has launched the first e-hailing app in Malaysia with SOS button.
The built-in SOS button offers a safety measure for both passengers and taxi drivers.
According to the EzCab's press statement, passengers simply need to tap on SOS button in case of an emergency.

They will be presented with three choices - call the police directly, call an emergency contact directly or request a call-back from EzCab's customer support centre.
Last month, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri said that e-hailing operator must install panic or SOS button.
The government will amend the relevant law to implement the compulsory measure, including punishment for errant drivers. - Mkini

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