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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Well said, TMJ, and actions must follow words

YOURSAY | ‘You have articulated what is on the minds of every thinking Malaysian.’
Azhar Subang: Syabas and thank you, Johor Crown Prince (TMJ) Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim. You have articulated what is on the minds of every thinking Malaysian who loves this country.
We are sinking and it is getting from bad to worse. We can clearly see the wholesale manipulation of the truth and absolute corruption that is ravaging our beloved country.
What is indeed tragic is the deafening silence and the non-action of the institutions that are supposed to protect the interests of the common man. They have failed us miserably.
It appears that those who are paid by the people have sold their souls to the devil through sheer greed. They lie to us, and at best tell us half-truths. So many issues, so many questions but no truthful answers.
Is it money? Is it fear? Where are the men and women of integrity? A country with no shortage of mosques, churches, temples and other places of worship but is short of righteous men and women in service, whether civil or otherwise. Are they not ashamed?
Aries46: Yes Tuanku, the value of the ringgit has dwindled and cost of living has exceeded the average Malaysian's ability to put food on the table.
We are fast approaching a failed state and the people are powerless as the corrupted are in control of the institutions that matters. They are well-protected and wallowing in their ill-gotten wealth.
The only avenue for the people, the Election Commission (EC), which is responsible for free and fair elections, is accused of bias and undermining the democratic process.
If even Tuanku, the royal guardian of his subjects, is powerless to the point of only praying to restore stability, imagine the plight of the rakyat - the helpless victims of the abundance of ills caused by the kleptocracy.
Kingfisher: Indeed, a refreshing critique at the dismal circumstances overwhelming a lovely country, where responsibility in public office which is held in public trust is apparently disrespected and disregarded, where professing moral responsibility and uprightness in conduct has taken on a semblance of hypocrisy, and where wrongdoing does not engender guilt, contrition and shame.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: How true, TMJ, corruption is not only a tradition but is now an obsession. That it thrives in this country is due in part to the inability or unwillingness of law enforcement agencies to act.
When corruption and kleptocracy occur at the highest level and with impunity, then it is every man or woman to himself/herself. Some politicians in particular think nothing of selling their soul to the devil and are prepared to shield their leader, all because of the material rewards dished out to them.
In such a state, only the institution of the royalty can save the nation. They must therefore take some concrete actions to ensure the alleged criminals are made accountable.
Otherwise, anarchy will prevail and it would be doomsday for our beloved country. We pray that you, TMJ, will have the strength to mobilise the forces that will prevent the coming of a holocaust.
Vijay47: Pardon me Your Highness, if I am not excited nor encouraged by your words, they are a refrain we have all heard numerous times and they have lost their sting or even their relevance.
You are repeating the truth every one of us is aware of. From time to time, we have heard these statements from members of various royal houses, no doubt expressing their sincere concerns and anxiety over the damnation we are being led into.
But of what impact are mere words when much more is necessary to stem this tide in the affairs of Malaysians? What can the common man achieve against an alleged gang of entrenched crooks turning increasingly vile and desperate in their arrogance?
We may have fought the good fight but the foe in his vast strength, keeps twisting and turning, desecrating basic norms and institutions.
Perhaps we can only turn to the royals for hope and relief. Of course, when I say royals, I mean those clothed in yellow. Not pink.
Anonymous_1400076912: With due respect to HRH (His Royal Highness) TMJ, all that you've lamented is so brutally true, but is there more that can be done to right the wrongs in our beloved land?
Instead of just penning a tired refrain, can and will our royals do something concrete to turn the vicious tide that's threatening to engulf us all?
Can we see more action, starting with that unconstitutional appointment of the chief justice and Court of Appeal president?
Trueglitter: The opportune emergence by TMJ to explicitly articulate his litany of laments over the despairing state of affairs afflicting our once proud nation, deserves more than mere accolades and adoration from a grateful and indebted rakyat, as his ennobled and factual analysis on the blatant political mismanagement cum abuse of power by the ruling government would unambiguously be perceived as the last bastion of hope to awaken, especially the Johoreans, to salvage their future at the ballot box at the impending GE14.
Unlike young royalties in other states, the highly regarded TMJ is widely respected for his no-nonsense approach with his calling "a spade, a spade" via no other means to convey his view cum advice whenever the occasion necessities it.
It is earnestly hoped the well-liked and popular TMJ will further indulge in and be more vocal with his observations and analysis of politics of our nation as his wisdom will be a contributory factor to create a desired check and balance for Malaysian politics.
Negarawan: I commend the TMJ for being the only member of royalty who is forthcoming with his thoughts on the current issues plaguing our country. However, there are a few questions that the TMJ has to ask himself.
Firstly, is he being effective? Is his father aligned with his thoughts and concerns, and has his father brought up issues concerning corruption and abuse of power (especially regarding 1MDB) to the Council of Rulers for serious discussion and concrete actions?
Owing to the total silence and inaction from the council, despite the raging investigations and prosecutions taking place in more than seven countries, the council seems to be indifferent towards the plight of the rakyat and the diminishing stature of our country.
Has the TMJ translated his concerns to the Malays, and disseminated them to the rural folks who are most highly affected?
Secondly, is the TMJ looking at the bigger picture? His diatribe, presumably on minister Khairy Jamaluddin, misses the real culprits behind the massive problems of the country.
Pemerhati: The country was at a similar level of development as Singapore in 1957 and after Malaysia kicked out Singapore in 1965 and both their currencies were at about par.
After that, Singapore steadily went way ahead of Malaysia. Now Singapore's per capita income is about five times that of Malaysia's and the value of the ringgit has depreciated to a third of the Singapore dollar.
So why did Malaysia fall so far behind?
The Singaporeans elected honest leaders who implemented fair and non-racist policies that raised the income and education quality of their people as shown by their very high university and school rankings.
Malaysians elected bigoted and corrupt leaders who implemented racist policies that resulted in a sharp drop in standards in all areas, especially in education, and an exodus of the discriminated talented minorities. Now alleged thieves rule the country.
CQ Muar: Well expressed, dear TMJ. It is not often that a crown prince is bold enough to emerge and express such concern and desire about the country he loves, and aspire how it ought to be, for his children and grandchildren.
Needless to say, the facts presented by TMJ is crisp and clear as to who those people are, and how they had abused and manipulated this country to achieve their personal interest and agenda.
But wishful thinking is not good enough. With your aspiration and desire, and as the crown prince, you need to put words into action.

In order to realise such a dream, and as member of the royalty, you're in a position to push harder, do the needful and fight to return the glory and pride of this nation we once cherished and enjoyed.- Mkini

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