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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What has Pakatan got to lose in having a rally?

YOURSAY | ‘We must rally all the way to GE14, each bigger than the preceding one.’
Sarawakian: Commander S Thayaparan, I have to totally disagree with you on this one. I still believe that the only way for a change in government is for MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) to fall before GE14, either removed from Umno or otherwise. And a rally is the best way to pressure Umno and MO1.
Not having a rally after the US Department of Justice (DOJ) revelations would send a message to the whole world that Malaysians are wimps, and worse still to Umno that their scare tactics in Bersih 5 worked.
It would only encourage more blatant scare tactics in GE14. On your contention that previous rallies have not worked, just know this: the world outside Malaysia knows little about the objectives of Bersih 5, but every country in the world by now knows 1MDB and MO1.
I would love to see the red shirts run riot at peaceful rally goers protesting Mrs MO1's pink diamond under the spotlight of world cameras.
We must rally all the way to GE14, each bigger than the preceding one.
Mechi: I, too, disagree with Thayaparan. The objectives are vital and should be multi-pronged. We need to take the opportunity to educate the locals, rural folks, foreign governments, just like what had happened to the Philippines.
Mr and Mrs MO1 are worse than the Marcoses. Integrity should be a key objective. Besides, the rally should raise consciousness among the royalty and the fence sitters that enough is enough.
We cannot be ruled by an irresponsible tyrant with completely no integrity, potentially leading the country to an economic depression if BN is voted to power again.
Budak SRJK (T): Thayaparan, I agree with some of your opinions but what has Pakatan Harapan got to lose in having a rally?
How else can they bring to the rural folks the message of the massive corruption committed by our shameless kleptomaniacs?
The rural population are not stupid, as some people are wont to label them. They are merely ignorant, for want of more information to enlighten them of the sorry state this increasingly blighted nation is in.
HaveAGreatDay: I understand where Thayaparan is coming from and I agree to a certain extent what his position is.
Yet, in a democratic society, we must accept the fact that there are those who wish to express their disgust as to the current state of affairs with a rally or what not. Is it playing into the Umnoputras hands? Who knows?
AntiRacial: I agree with Thayaparan, the opposition should not hold their anti-kleptocracy rally. The opposition needs to be very careful during this period, and should not give any room to be blamed, hauled up, fined, or take any action that can cause opposition leaders to be disqualified from contesting in the next general election.
Odin Tajué: Going by what former Bersih co-chairperson A Samad Said had said, holding road shows and rallies with the objective that the opposition has in mind is a total waste of time.
"The Malays don't see truth as the truth,” the octogenarian and a national laureate no less said. “They look at truth as what they can obtain.” What he meant is obvious - such handouts as RM50 in cash and a bag of rice constitute the truth.
How the largesse has been obtained and bestowed on them are irrelevant. Since the Malays form the majority of the population, the opposition would be losing the battle even before it begins.
Spinning: Sad but true, bread and butter issues are more on Malaysians' minds. Things like the 1MDB scandal, the pink diamond, the PM going on holidays in government jets do not bother Malaysians much.
Anonymous 2439101477311390: The writer’s views in a way is correct. The Malay rural folks are simple-minded. Unless the opposition can convince them that Harapan is better than BN, there is no way these Malay rural folks are willing to change.
Selangor rural seats are still being won by BN. Those constituents have less interest on federal financials and governance issues. What concerns them most is food and other essential items which affect their daily lives.
A small contribution of RM50 by the government to them already make them grateful to the donor. Urban/suburban folks must remember that their needs and rural needs are different.
Basically: Sadly, Thayaparan is right. Umno-BN debases everything it touches, and the sad fact is, it has also debased our last bastion of democracy - the right to rally. This is to their credit, they have managed to turn an expression of public anger into something dirty to the point, it seems pointless holding it.
But not holding it also means retreating into the shadows as we have done in the past.
That is the supreme skill of Umno's devilry that Harapan needs to find a cure to, and it will take a whole lot of imagination which we aren't seeing much of now.
Imagine, the people are robbed billions and they can still vote for the same parties. That, my friend, is truly Malaysia Boleh at its worst.
Anonymous_3e93: My advice is just go to the ground, use simple language with due focus on the substance.
1. Build a case of the billions of ringgit in 'wang haram' being stolen from the rakyat being used to support the luxury lifestyle of a certain Chinaman and others.
2. Show all the physical assets allegedly stolen using the rakyat's money. Show the rakyat the beneficiaries of these.
3. Create a 'Rakyat Malaysia Trust Fund' to reclaim the confiscated billions of ringgit of assets from the DOJ/US government for the benefit of the rakyat.
4. Ensure the rakyat has a sense of ownership over the trust fund.
5. Use simple language and terms – ‘wang haram’, ‘perompak harta rakyat’, ‘tidak amanah’, ‘golongan munafik’, etc.
6. Use ringgit terms and avoid using US dollar.
7. Link how the rakyat has been cheated with how the rakyat has to bear the high costs of living due to the billions of ringgit absconded. And so on.
Anonymous 2460391489930458: The city folks are largely with the opposition. More should be done in the Malay heartlands.
The recent roadshows in Felda settlements and Kelantan are a good start, and similar efforts should be intensified.   
Wira: The best chance to get rid of the utterly corrupt Umno and send it back to school is to have MO1 leading them into the next GE.
Remember after former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad resigned, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi won the biggest landslide ever for BN. If Harapan wants to win in the Peninsular, they will have to focus more on rural Malaya. A 15 percent vote swing there could be the end game for BN.

Anticonmen: Once the self-appointed "chosen ones" run out of money to support their lifestyle and start to fight among themselves, the Roman empire will fall.
There is no need to fight the emperor.- Mkini

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