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Monday, July 3, 2017

Who’s the boss? AKU 8055 attracting much interest in Perak

State road transport department chief says many enquiries have already started pouring in before bids for AKU 8055, AKU 805 and AKU 1305 opened today.
JPJPETALING JAYA: Three vehicle registration numbers to be issued by the Perak road transport department (JPJ) are receiving many enquiries as it could resemble the Malay phrase “Aku Boss” (I am the boss), Star reported.
According to state JPJ director Mohd Zawawi Zakaria, the car numbers AKU 805, AKU 8055 and AKU 1305 are up for bidding as per the standard procedure practiced by the JPJ for plates that are high in demand.
“The bidding starts today and ends on July 18,” Zawawi told reporters at the JPJ building in Ipoh today.
Enlightening the media on the three different categories of numbers that are usually in demand, he said they are called “golden numbers”, “attractive numbers” and “popular numbers”.
“Even though 805, 8055 and 1305 are normal running numbers, these numbers will be listed under the popular numbers category due to the expected demand,” he was quoted as saying by the daily.
Zawawi added that a minimum RM10,000 bid is required for “golden numbers” (1 to 10), RM2,000 for “attractive numbers” (11 to 19), which include repetitive numbers (22, 777, 9999), while bids for “popular numbers” start from RM300.
However, he warned the eventual successful bidder for the AKU 1305 number not to break the law by placing the numbers “1” and “3” tightly next to each other for it to look like the letter “B” instead. -FMT

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