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Monday, July 3, 2017

Woman loses RM240,000 hoping to ‘win a fortune’

Left with debt having finished life savings and borrowings from parents, woman now seeks help from Gerakan to pursue police report made in April last year.
ScamKUALA LUMPUR: A woman was conned of her life savings after she was duped into believing a Thai sifu could bring her monetary luck.
The woman, who wanted to be known only as Madam Tan, had spent a total of RM240,280 which included money borrowed from her parents and an aunt in the hope of winning a fortune.
“Throughout this period, I had only spoken to a man known as Ah Seng and he asked me to bank in money into a Maybank account to buy offerings and incense for the gods as well as for other fees.
“Not long after, I received a lottery number from him, which is also my motorcycle plate number but it did not win me any prize,” she said.
Ah Seng then helped her buy a lottery ticket which he later claimed had won a prize money of RM960,000.
Feeling ecstatic, Madam Tan sent him more money with the promise that she will get her reward.
“I made 32 separate deposits into his bank account and finished all my savings, before asking for more money from my parents and an aunt in order to pay him.
“I stopped sending him money after my family members refused to lend me any more money,” Madam Tan said, adding that her mother had even emptied her EPF savings, which was about RM30,000, to help her out.
She lodge a police report on April 30 last year after she realised that she had been cheated.
Gerakan Public Service and Complaints Bureau deputy chief Ben Liew Pok Boon said that they will write a letter to the police to inquire about the current status of the case.
“I want this to be a reminder to the general public so that they are aware of scamming syndicates in order to avoid falling victim to such scams,” Liew said. -FMT

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